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The Vow by Laura Daleo

The VowThe Vow by Laura Daleo


Finals are over, and twenty-year-old Claire Matthews can hardly wait to begin summer break until…she arrives home to an army of police swarming her parents’ front lawn.  Detective Reynolds delivers the dreadful news that the man and woman inside the home are dead, and Claire is forced to identify their mummified bloodless bodies.  Her world comes to a grinding halt when she learns that it is her mother and father who are the deceased, and her younger brother, JJ, is nowhere to be found.  The predator accused…a vampire.

Claire is no stranger to vampires; in fact, these days’ vamps are a dime a dozen.  One-hundred-thirty years ago a vow was made, combining the two worlds.  A vampire’s survival no longer required a human sacrifice.  Vampire Centers were created, offering human blood through transfusion; yet, why were her parents bled dry?  Why now?  What changed?  Could a rogue vampire be responsible?  Was it possible vampires, Nate and Parker, JJ’s best friends, suddenly hungered for human blood?

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Claire never expected when her parents forgot to pick her up from the airport that something so horrible had happened to them. Seeing their gruesome murder firsthand she can’t just wait for the detective to figure out what happened to them and to top it all off her 17-year-old brother is missing. She is on a mission and she won’t stop until she learns the truth.

Claire is one determined young woman. She cares for her family beyond anything else and will do anything for them. With her brother missing the lengths she goes to are pretty extraordinary. Unfortunately, she can also be a bit reckless and if it wasn’t for allot of luck she would have been killed several times over.

Conner is all sorts of swagger but he also has a sweet side and when he promises something he will do whatever he can to keep them.

The story takes you into a world where vampires not only exist, but everyone knows about them and co-exists with them. The mystery of what happened to Claire’s parents and where her brother is takes you on a roller coaster and the ending is one you do not see coming.

The only downsides to this book were that Claire’s recklessness was a bit overdone especially with her not learning from her mistakes. I also thought the romance part of the story could have used a bit more to it to make it feel more real.

The shining star was definitely the murder mystery and Detective Reynolds with his determination to find the truth made this a great story to read!

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