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JONAS’S REDEMPTION by Cynthia P. O’Neill

JONAS'S REDEMPTION by Cynthia P. O'Neill is only 99cents!

Titan Security #2
by Cynthia P. O'Neill
Erotic Suspense Romance

Jonas Forgione:
I’d been fighting a battle with PTSD, trying to fit into society and leaving the military behind– needing time to redeem myself – to get out of my head, not being on an isolated island with my co-workers’ daughter, protecting her from the Bratva. 

Erica was a plain Jane – too into her studies, not the sinful vixen she’d become. How had I not noticed? How was I supposed to keep my thoughts pure when she provided the spark that had long been dormant inside me? I wanted to tie her up and then tie her to me!

Erica Jamieson:
I’d just graduated with a master’s in psychology, had a job waiting, and was on a final hurrah with my besties. How did it go so wrong? I’d been in hiding before, so I knew the drill. I never expected to do it again with the one man who made want to either kill him or climb him. 

Jonas’s broodiness and sinful body played on my mind since the first moment we met. I knew he hated me; the feeling was mutual with his arrogance. But to survive this ordeal, I’d have to surrender in more ways than one, letting go of my fears and discovering the strength inside me. 

***NOTE*** This book is intended for mature audiences, age 18+, due to strong language and sexual content. This is a standalone book within a series. You do not have to read anything else to read this book. The book is a HEA, no cliffhangers, dual POV with a strong stubborn alpha dominant male and a feisty strong-willed female who loves to push all his buttons. There is a touch of light BDSM with intense panty melting scenes and edge of your seat, heart-pounding suspense. For those who enjoyed I Need You Here, Need Series #3, you’ll see Dawn’s parents resurface in this book, as well as the two bodyguards, Derrick and Rick, who were present throughout the Need Series and in Derrick’s Choice, Titan Security #1.



“I’m going to start tying you here; then, I’ll carry you over to the bed and position you the way I need you to be. I want to try a different angle with you tonight, one that will feel more intense than anything you’ve ever felt, one where I can claim you more deeply than I’ve ever done before. Do you want me to lay my claim on you? Do you want me take you so high, bring you such an earth shattering orgasm that you feel the earth move and forget where you are?”

Damn that man. He had me almost ready to come just from the sheer ferocity of his voice. I answered the only way I could, the only way I knew for sure my body would get what it needed, him. “Yes, Sir.”

Jonas ran the rope over the tight peaks of my nipples, causing me to fidget and moan. His words were whispered as he ran his tongue down my back and across my ass. “Stay still, love. Let me guide you into the pose I want.” He then playfully smacked my bottom with his hand, testing me to see if I’d move or obey his commands, which I did. He added fuel to the fire with the words, “And by the way, you’re not to come unless I give you permission, which will only happen if you follow my instructions.”

I felt the heat in the room amplify. Did he want me to incinerate on the spot?

I closed my eyes as he began tying the rope around my breasts, causing them to lift, enhancing my cleavage along with the desire to have him suck my nipples. I didn’t have to wait long, as his tongue came out and laved them, making them perk up even further. The contrast of wetness with the cool air sent desire coursing through me, but I held it in, following his directive.

He moved past my breasts and onto my arms, using the rope to draw them in front of me, forcing them together, which, in turn, forced my chest to push up even further. The ropes and knots crisscrossed my body in some form of a pattern and headed down toward my mound.

I didn’t want to look and spoil the effect. I liked waiting for him to reveal me like a fine piece of art masterfully sculpted by the artist’s hands—in this case Jonas’s. I still couldn’t see how this was considered part of the BDSM world, because it offered so much beauty in its designs, but I wouldn’t argue, since I loved the feel of his hands all over me, forming me into his newest creation, his newest seduction. I was his for the claiming.

My mind was brought back to the present when Jonas asked, “Can you move your feet shoulder’s width apart?” Okay, this was new.

I did as he asked and expected him to tie my legs up and open, almost as if I were in stirrups, with my pussy open for his viewing and his taking. That had been his preferred positioning of my body, where I surrendered to him fully, not being able to move, only being allowed to feel what he offered up to me. And, boy did it feel oh so good.

Trying to contemplate where he was going with the rope, my mind sifted through the various pictures he’d shown me in the book he’d brought along. I was startled out of my thoughts when I felt his fingers part my folds and place a huge knot right over the protruding hood of my clit before pulling both parts of the rope back around my outer thighs, causing the knot to slip right against my hardened nub.

“Doing okay, princess? Not getting turned on much are you?” His voice was a tad on the snarky side, but I knew he was turned on just as much as I was.

The pheromones coming off his body were intense, making me want to fall into him and scream “Take me!” but held back. Instead I offered, “I’m doing fine, but could you please stop hitting my leg with that piece of wood? It’s so hard that you might bruise me.” I couldn’t help but call him out on his own desires, which earned me a sharp smack on my ass. “Ouch. What did you do that for? You’re taunting me, and I can’t comment back?”

“That’s for being disrespectful. You’ve hurt ‘Woody’s’ feelings.” He couldn’t keep his tone even.

We both started to laugh, until he pulled on the rope between my legs, causing me to stop mid-laugh to keep from coming from the intensity in which the knot rubbed my spot in just the right way. It would have me screaming if he didn’t let up.

I nearly fell forward onto him, when he caught me. “There are more ways to punish you than with a smack to the ass. Try that again and I’ll make sure you don’t come tonight.”

Swallowing hard, I took deep breaths in to calm my anxiety. Yes, I was on edge wondering what he was doing with me tonight, but I trusted Jonas would push me no further than what I could take.

He tapped the outer edges of my thighs, “Legs together and don’t move. This part will be quick. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. You look so fucking beautiful trussed up like this.”

I closed my legs and felt that damn knot pull up tighter against my hardened nub. This was extreme torture of the sexual degree. His hands moved swiftly over the ropes he’d already wrapped around me, testing their strength and the amount of give. Jonas had been wonderful in making sure my comfort and mental state were all perfect before he moved onto the final tying. “Everything feel okay? Nothing too tight or uncomfortable?”

“No, Sir. But if you want to cut that knot away from my clit, I wouldn’t mind.” It was merely a suggestion, one I knew he wouldn’t do, but you couldn’t blame a girl for trying.

I could feel the heat of his body move closer to me. “You’d like that wouldn’t you?” I nodded. “Well, I’m not in a giving mood tonight. The knot remains, and you’ll thank me for it later. If things go as I think they will, you’ll feel the strongest, most intense orgasm of your life.”

His words scared me. “How strong, Sir?”

The whiskers from his beard tickled the edges of my face as his lips hovered over mine. I could feel his heated breath as he answered, “Life affirming,” before he pushed his tongue into my mouth, plundering every inch of it, showing me the way he planned on taking me: raw and powerfully. My body automatically responded, as I felt more of my arousal coat my inner thighs. Who needed foreplay when Jonas’s words and hands and that darn rope were enough to drive any woman to the highest heights of sexual pleasure.

I grew up in a small town in South Florida and moved to Central Florida to attend college. There, I married my friend, love, and soul mate and still reside with our amazing son, and a feisty, four-legged little boy. 

In my books, I draw on my work background in healthcare and business, along with my husband's engineering knowledge. 

I write in all areas of Romance from tame to off the charts steamy with tons of "edge of your seat" suspense mixed in. If you're looking for tame, swoon worthy characters, with some historical and paranormal elements, be sure to check out the Remembrance Series. If your preference is for hot dominant alpha males, then you'll want to give Elusive, A Learning Series, Need Series, and Titan Security a try. Each Need and Titan book are standalone novels with HEAs, no cliffhangers, plus loaded with edge of your seat, heart pounding suspense.

I try to make my writing very personal and close to my heart. Regular life is the inspiration for my books, through watching others to living it, but my imagination takes it to new heights, opening up possibilities that would normally not exist. 

In my downtime, I'm a voracious reader. I love to spend time with my family, cook, bbq, create new recipes, play the piano, walk, ride bikes, do cross stitch, dance, and sing. I enjoy the fact that we live in Amusement Park Central and so close to the beach!

To learn more about the author, please visit Cynthia’s website at:


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