Saturday, August 27, 2016

8/27 Plan A Lycaon's Kiss by S. Briones Lim

Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance
Date Published: May 15, 2016
Publisher: Fifth Ink Publishing

Jensen was the perfect boyfriend - or so Morgan thought. Left as collateral for his gambling debts, Morgan finds herself held captive by a group of "Rabid" werewolves and their overly eccentric leader, Greg. As if things couldn’t get any worse, she finds herself accidentally turned into one of them!

Enter Braedon. Tall, dark, devastatingly handsome. Braedon is the Alpha of his own pack of wolves who are determined to make Morgan one of their own. After saving her from the Rabids he takes it upon himself to train and prepare her for his pack’s mission, Plan A.

As a new pup, will Morgan be able to hold her own alongside the Alpha pack? Will her feelings for Braedon get in the way? Better yet, what the heck is Plan A?

Thanks to her Mom’s unwavering devotion to read a childhood bedtime story to her every single night, S. BRIONES LIM’s love for books began before she could even speak.

Raised in Southern California, Lim initially dreamt of becoming an artist. After a Psychology Degree (Summa cum Laude), a stint in Art School, and a career in Advertising/Media she is finally diving back into her first love – books. As a self-renowned bookworm, Lim’s love for reading has inspired her to pen her own novels and hopes her readers will fall in love with her stories as much as she enjoys writing them.

Her obsessions include time with family, Cherry Coke, popcorn with jalapeños, watching movies and her dogs, Tobi and Roscoe. She currently lives in Virginia with her husband.

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3.5 Stars
Morgan never expected her perfect boyfriend to leave her with some criminal as collateral for his debts. But when she finds herself in a world and a part of a war she never expected she will have to learn fast if she wants to survive.
Enter Braedon. As Alpha he is expected to do what is best for the pack, and that includes figuring out if Morgan can be used to learn more of the threats against his wolves.
What will happen when the full moon rises? As tempers flair and passions heat up will these two end up killing each other or something else all together. One thing is for sure though just when you think you've got the story figured out a new twist comes into play.
The storyline was interesting, pulling together mythology and paranormal elements to give you a unique twist on things. The flow was great and kept me interested, but unfortunately where things went flat was with the main characters.
Morgan was a very weak character. Constantly talking about her faults instead of growing from her experiences when things went wrong she kept reverting back to the weak, insecure person she was. When things were calm she would have thoughts that showed sparks of a stronger character but then when things got tough it was like that strength was never there. She did finally get better, but it was at the very end.
Braedon seemed strong and sure of who he was and what needed to be done, but as the story unfolded he became more and more unsure of himself. I know every character can't be perfect all of the time but it seemed that by the end he was just going with the flow rather than taking responsibility because he wanted to and knew what needed to be done.
Overall it was the idea of the story that got me through the more annoying bits with the main characters, but I would have liked it more if the characters were stronger.

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