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Series: Montgomery Men #1
Author: C.A. Harms
Cover Artist: MGBookCovers & Designs - Melissa Gill
Photographer: Lindee Robinson Photography
Cover Models: Victoria Morin & Chad Demchik


I was running from my husband, a man I thought I’d known.
Running from the hell he had put me through.

He’d nearly destroyed the woman I had once been and
I would do whatever it took to regain my freedom.

I would lie, and cheat.
I would steal if it meant that I never had to go back there.

I’d run and keep running…

But there was one problem. I hadn’t planned for Ashton Montgomery.
He was a distraction I couldn’t allow. Not if I wanted to stay safe. I had to remain distant, but he was relentless and had other ideas.
I caved because I hadn’t thought it all through, not in detail.
If I had I would’ve realized that you can only live in a fantasy world for so long before everything came crashing in around you.
And those lives you’ve destroyed along the way, make you no better than the monster you were trying to break free from.

How could I have been so careless?
It wasn’t meant to turn out this way.
But the Rush of my freedom took control and I forgot how important it was to keep the secret of who I had once been.

And now I had nothing.

Only the fear that the man I’d run from would find me again, and finish what he started.

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Early Reviews: Sophie w/ Bookalicious Babes Blog
I've just finished CA Harm's best book to date. Hands down THE BEST! I have DEVOURED this book in THREE HOURS! And now I don't know what to do with myself.

Rush is the first standalone from a brand new series from CA. It's raw, I am literally STRIPPED of emotion right now. It's racy, Ashton is SO FREAKING HOT, I swear I'm on fire. And it's REAL, the feels are real, the heartache is real, the swoon is real. Everything is perfect! 

CA Harms knows how to write alphas, delicious, dirty alphas that blow the mind while breaking through and burying themselves deep in the heart of a reader.. Ashton Montgomery is the best alpha CA has written, if he was a real person I'd be a pile of swoony, turned on goo, right now. He's HOT. Utter sin, wrapped in a sublime package. 
Our h is Kinsley, and my word did she break my heart but also make me smile so BIG. The fragile, wounded girl was actually a sexy, sassy female who turns out to be the PERFECT MATCH for Ash. 

Rush, is written superbly. From start to end all the words piece together beautifully. The story line flows easily through a very solid foundation. The angst ranges from light to heavy to “damn my breath has gone”. The twist and turns laid out are gut wrenching at times but packed with such emotion it's hard to walk away. It's obvious that CA has put a lot into this book, she's made the characters loveable, with a connection so hot and deep it literally oozes from the pages. CA has packed this book with a fantastic secondary cast that complimented the story wonderfully. Ashton's brothers are going to be AMAZING. For a long time now CA’s Key West men have been my favourites. But they are nothing compared to the Montgomery’s, after just one book they're embedded. I can't wait for the next two stories.

Now I'm going to sit here and marvel in the glorious feeling us bookworms get when we read a great book!! Rush is indeed a Rush of epic proportions!

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