Monday, August 22, 2016

Last Chance by Zoe Blackwood

LAST DANCE by Zoe Blackwood
A Novella

My name is Parker, and this is my story. It is Joey’s story as much as it is mine, because she is the girl that I will love until I take my last breath. She is the light in the darkest corner and the person whose hand I hope to hold on my last day.

We never know when that might be: The end. The last dance. I didn’t know when mine would be. I didn’t know a lot of things. The best lessons in life hurt the most. That was the thing about betraying the person you loved, there was no way to take it back.

If you can, learn from my mistakes. We never realize what matters the most until we’re faced with losing it, and sometimes not until it’s gone.


— Short Excerpt —
As soon as it was in place, a jeweled crown over her brown hair, I was tossed back to that first night outside the theater when I’d noticed her standing there in a little dress that hugged her figure. Her hair was swaying and she was smiling that big, incredible smile she had when she was mostly unaware of how captivating and beautiful she was.

Zoe Blackwood is a pseudonym for author, Kim Streible. She resides in Kentucky, surrounded by various wildlife and dogs, because as long as she can remember, there's always been a dog in the house. She hates getting lost on back country roads and sushi. She loves Batman, music and 80's romantic comedies.

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Five stars to Last Dance by Zoe Blackwood! A short but page-turning and romantically captivating read! Parker had me worried at the beginning but throughout the story, I could not help but root for him and Joey. I fell in love with him, completely, and so I wanted him to "get the girl". Joey had her own problems to sort through, as did Parker, but together I felt like they could overcome anything. A short and quick read, but completely worth the purchase!!!

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