Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Misguided Confession by Dahlia Donovan

Title: The Misguided Confession
Genre: British Paranormal Romance
Release Date: November 12, 2016
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Designer: Claire Smith
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Elaine Gibbs has been defined by other people’s words for much of her life: autistic, shifter, adopted, genius, Royal Marine. She has spent a year having her entire world spun around and just when she hopes things have stabilised, a zealot threatens everything she holds dear, including her life.

Alim Kader grew up knowing his family’s expectations and is required to fall in line. Life, however, threw him a massive surprise in the body of the most fascinating woman he has ever known. Now if he could only convince her that his sole desire is to stand beside her, not rescue her.

Will love be enough for two people from different worlds to brave a storm of evil and come through the other side unscathed?

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Dahlia Donovan started out working in the insurance world. After ten years, she morphed her love of investigating accidents and studying people into writing about them. She's a bit of a hermit and despises being in front of a camera. Her life wouldn't be complete without her husband and her massive collection of books and video games.

4 Stars
Elaine is quite a unique character to have a story written about. I enjoyed her character in the previous series which is not necessary to have read prior to this but it is useful for background information.
Elaine is an autistic shifter two strikes against her by many people but she has learned how to be herself and be happy with who she is. Finding a mate for her was an interesting twist and I loved the intricacies of their relationship.
Alim is an absolute sweetie and quite perfect for her. He takes things slowly and at the proper pace to make Elaine comfortable.
Their relationship part of the storyline was interesting and worked at a good speed however the other part of the story line was a bit lacking at times especially with the way it resolved after the way everything happened. I would have expected something more intense for the ending however overall I did enjoy the story and I'm excited to have seen even more of this world.

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