Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Silk (Whispering Cove #8)by Cathryn Fox

Unwrap a little holiday wickedness… Whispering Cove, Book 8 The pleasures of Christmas. Love. The two things Jon Wilson doesn’t think he deserves, thanks to a holiday accident that took his parents. Under pressure from his uncle, Jon returns to Whispering Cove for the annual festivities, but he’s counting down the hours until he can hop a Christmas Eve plane back to his Miami medical practice. Chef Lila Sheppard left the big city and its fast-talking men for Whispering Cove, hoping to settle down with a nice, small-town boy. Until Mr. Picket Fence appears, though, she’s not opposed to a tango on the wild side. When Jon shows up—gorgeous, hot and temporary—she figures Santa delivered her Christmas present a few days early. Soon they’re heating up cold, wintry nights, but as they get lost in each other’s arms, Lila begins to realize their brief affair has become something more. Yet she wonders if there’s enough magic in Whispering Cove to show Jon that love can heal all hearts…and that there’s only one place he belongs.  Product Warnings Contains enough passion to melt ice, and turn any blustery wintry night into a hot, sultry holiday. 


Our 4 Star Review
For Jon Christmas time is nothing more than a reminder of everything he lost seven years ago. He stays far away from his hometown because he doesn't want to be reminded of how much everyone blames him for what happened, but when his Great Uncle unexpectedly calls saying he needs Jon at home he has no choice but to come back and face everything and everyone he left behind. Lila came to Whispering Cove to get away from the big city and enjoy a peaceful life cooking on a friends show and eventually renting out an Inn where she can cook and take care of its guests. When Jon comes in looking like a yummy Christmas present she wonders if Santa is delivering her someone she can take care of for the rest of her life. But Jon's secrets and the hurts of his past could ruin things before they ever really get a chance to find happiness together. Loved Lila's easy going attitude and her happiness at the little things in life. The way she is portrayed makes it all too easy to fall in love with her and hope she gets everything she deserves. Jon was so hard on himself and sometimes you just wanted to shake him and tell him to wake up and take a good look at how people were really treating him, but with Lila's help I enjoyed how she showed him the true meaning of the holidays and how the past wasn't his fault and how to overcome his hurt. Although this is part of a series is can be read as a standalone novella.

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