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Passion After Dark (Passion #1)by J.A. Melville

Title: Passion After Dark
Author: J.A Melville
Genre: Erotica/Paranormal Romance.
Publication Date: November 30, 2013


When Dominick Cavallo first saw Allegra Anderson, he knew instantly that she was the one for him. Unfortunately Allegra Anderson, best selling author of erotica and self confessed clutz, didn't know he even existed. That is about to change.

The night Allegra's house mate Cassie insists she come out clubbing with her is the night that fate intervenes.

From the moment Allegra sees Dominick, she's spellbound by his stunning good looks. His black hair, mesmerising blue eyes and the way he speaks to her has her captivated by him.

The night they meet Dominick disappears and Allegra thinks she will never see him again, but a week later he appears to her when she least expects it and she learns something about him that could change the way she feels about him forever. He is not human, he is vampire.

Dominick is different to the other vampires. He has no desire to live their lifestyle but they are a part of his life and they are not the kind that Allegra wishes to associate with but with the stunningly handsome, but terrifying Fabian as Dominick's sire and him also wanting Allegra for himself, can their relationship survive?

Will they end up driving them apart? Will Allegra be able to come to terms with what Dominick is and when something unexpected happens, that will change who she is forever, can their love survive?

With Allegra's discovery of her newly acquired 'abilities', will she survive those who are threatened by what she has become?

Dominick simply wants the woman he loves by his side for eternity but they have so much against them and with his sire determined to claim Allegra for himself, will it be enough to destroy their relationship?

This is book one of the Passion Series.

Book 2, Fabian's story is coming soon

From my teenage years, all I wanted to do was become a writer one day. Even now as an adult woman with a partner and three children who are not so little anymore, I've always lived with my head in the clouds, a dreamer, often amusing myself with my own imagination.

It might have taken me awhile to finally live my dream, but I did it, my first effort to try and join the many talented writers out there who have kept me entertained with their wonderful stories over the years.

I live in a sleepy country town in Tasmania, Australia with my partner and three children plus our 6 cats, dog, sheep and cattle.

I've had to overcome many emotional obstacles along the way to get to this point and attempting to self publish a book does tend to make a person feel like they've thrown themselves in at the deep end of the pool some what, but here's hoping some of you actually like what I write and save me from drowning in the deep end of the pool as I probably forgot to mention, I can't swim.

Our 4 Star Review

Allegra just wants to be left alone to write her books, but when her room mate and best friend Cassie drags her to a club her life will forever be changed. Dominick sees and smells the woman he knows will forever be his, he has to find a way to convince her they belong together and with his unique life it may be a harder sell than he first believes.  Can they overcome it all and be together in the end or will they be torn apart before their time?

The warning on this one is not one to be ignored. Seriously there is ALLOT of sex scenes throughout. This is not a book for younger audiences or the faint of heart. That being said those scenes were seriously HOT, like need a fan to cool down steamy. Beyond that though I wish there would have been more to the story, more to their backgrounds and more dialogue between the main characters like them getting to really know each other or something. There were times I just wished for more detail. Overall you get a sense of what's going on and it makes the story okay, but this is more hot sex than an in depth type of story.

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  1. This is a great story. I loved it. Had the chance to read it as it was being written and loved everything about it.