Thursday, February 26, 2015

***SPOTLIGHT REVIEW***Blood-Bonded by Force by Tracy Tappan

Blooded Bonded by Force
(The Community Series Book #3)
by Tracy Tappan

Blood-Bonded by Force (The Community Series #3)

The Vârcolac warriors face their biggest challenge when one of the demented Topside Om Rău goes rogue and starts stealing Fey power, driving them all toward an Otherworld apocalypse.

With a single act of unspeakable cruelty, half-demon Pändra Parthen permanently binds herself to Vârcolac warrior Thomal Costache. Stuck together for life, the two enemies must find a way to live with what cannot be undone. As time apart from her ruthless father allows Pändra to uncover her true self, she tries to mend the breach with Thomal. But he is stalled in seething rage, troubled by an inner turmoil even deeper than the abuse he suffered at Pändra’s hands. To free Thomal, Pändra makes a perilous sacrifice…and lands herself in the demon town of Oţărât.

Half-Rău Big Nỵko Brun is the one man who has a slim hope of breaching Oţărât. But Nỵko took himself out of the hero business after failing the people he loves too many times. He even abandoned Faith Teague, the woman who was destined to be his mate. Left to fend for herself while her world crumbles around her, Faith also makes a sacrifice that traps her in the violent hell of Oţărât. Now the fate of both women rests on Nỵko’s enormous shoulders, but he can’t manage a rescue without Thomal’s help…and then only if the proud Vârcolac can somehow find room in his heart for his enemy.

**Content warning: not intended for gentle readers, this book contains profanity, violence, and intense adult situations.

4.5 Stars

We met Pändra in the previous books and we've seen her good side and her more often than not very bad side. On a downward spiral she does something that changes her life forever, bonds herself to Thomal. But she didn't know what she was doing and the consequences might have changed her life for the better, but not everyone sees it that way.

Thomal did what he had to in order to save his brother from certain death, but the consequences could mean his death instead. Will he and Pändra be able to figure things out?

Nyko is the biggest of the big and most women are too scared to give him a chance and by the time they get to know him he's more of a big brother than potential mate.

Faith was a prima ballerina, was being the key word an injury ruined her career, and now she left wondering what to do with the rest of her life. When an opportunity comes up that she can't refuse she and her sister are on a flight to California to meet a man who could being her career back to life, too bad it was a sham.

Saved by the Vârcolac she has to figure everything out, and while she's bound and determined to go home her twin is equally insistent on staying where for the first time she is seen as more than Faith's shadow.

This story takes place over the course of more than a year where these two couples are trying to figure it all out and if there is even a chance for them. But before they get their happily ever afters they'll have to go up against their many enemies an fight for their very lives.

Intense and a roller coaster. This story starts making you hate some of the characters, and wish for others to get their heads out of their butts. By the end roles are reversed and those you thought you'd hate you're fighting to see get their HEA's.

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