Friday, February 27, 2015

***SPOTLIGHT REVIEW***Callous by Xavier Neal

Callous (Senses #6)
Callous (Senses Series Book 6)
by Xavier Neal

C.J. and Erin have a complicated relationship. They do three things very well together. Argue, have sex, and keep secrets from each other. However, when C.J.'s past comes to tear him away, it not only threatens to destroy the new life he has built, but the relationship with the only woman who has ever been his match. Will the heavy weight they are both carrying be lifted?Or will everything they've experienced mean nothing, leaving them both Callous

A Senses Series novel

3.5 Stars

C.J. didn't want the life forced upon him by his parents so he left everything behind and left to find himself. What he found was friends who were more like family than he ever expected a job he actually kina enjoys, and Erin a woman who is his match.

Erin has a past and it's one that has left with a f*** em and leave em mentality , but when it comes to C.J. she just can't seem to stay away.

When they come together it's hot and explosive. They fight and f*** like there's no tomorrow, but the secrets between them keep them from truly letting each other in.

C.J. is cocky and smart and when he wants something he goes after it.

Erin has a mouth on her that would make a sailor proud. She fights just for the fun of it, but it also helps keep herself locked away from emotions she doesn't want to feel.

These two have the back and forth thing down to an art. They want to let each other in, but are too scared are what could go wrong afterwards to really open up. Once they did though it was nice to see them both so happy.

I read this as a standalone and it was just ok that way. The other characters and their stories seemed to be too ingrained in this story for me to really feel like I understood more than a little bit of what was going on when it came to their parts in the story. There was some explination about them but just not enough and because it was so interconnected to C.J. and Erins story it made me feel like there was just too much I didn't understand.

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