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My Wolf Fighter (Wolf Town Guardians #4)  by Rose Wynters

 My Wolf Fighter
Wolf Town Guardians #4
by Rose Wynters
Publication Date: August 18, 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance


Amanda Wyatt is having a bad month. Her bartender job at the Red Ruby is on the line, her cheating boyfriend has thrown her out, and she's dying. Now homeless and without any hope, she's resigned to living in her car in the woods... until a naked stud walks out to change her mind.
Ryker is a werewolf with a major chip on his shoulder... and the bad attitude to go along with it. When he discovers the beautiful BBW bartender he desires is homeless, he's determined to get her into his home and into his bed.

When she agrees to the temporary arrangement, Ryker is sure everything is going along as planned. He uses every bit of his supernatural sensuality to seduce her, but it turns out that having her isn't as easy as he thought it would be.

A future between them is impossible, but that doesn't stop her from craving his muscular body and wicked caresses. And it certainly doesn't stop him from plying her with his lethal seductiveness. The alpha is determined to mate her, and she's determined to submit, even if it kills her.

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Amanda stopped and turned, politely listening as Jean talked. The other woman took a long sip of her ice water before clearing her throat and continuing, “Women have got it all wrong now. They give it up too soon, and the men don't respect them. And before you tell me I don't have a clue, let me tell you something. By the time I let my future husbands climb into my bed, I'd made them work for it. And you know what? By the time they left it the next morning, they were begging for me to marry them.”
Jean grinned broadly as she winked at Amanda, her expression all-knowing. Amanda couldn't help but smile back, trying to picture the wrinkled woman as a seductress. It wasn't possible.
“Of course I outlived both of them, too,” Jean added, stabbing her cigarette into the ashtray. “And I'm too old now to try for a third.” She sighed despondently, her face settling into heavy lines as she frowned. “Thank God for this bar. If it weren't for it, I just might have withered away and died myself. Still, nothing can ever replace the love of a good man, or his strong, warm arms to hold you close throughout those late night hours.”
Amanda wouldn't know. She might have lived with Jimmy for the last several years, but his arms had never been warm and they certainly hadn't held her. She turned back to the clipboard to finish up her inventory counts, her thoughts depressed. She might as well have been single for the last six years. There was only one thing worse than being alone, and it was feeling alone when you were supposed to be involved.
“You can talk to me, you know,” Jean said quietly, her eyes meeting Amanda's in the mirror behind the cash register. “In all the years you've been here, I've never seen you really socialize. Everyone needs someone to confide it, at some point or another. Believe it or not, I've been told I'm a pretty good listener.”
Her words surprised Amanda, but she wasn't the type to share her problems... even if she might have wanted to. Careful to keep her expression blank, she turned her eyes away from Jean and grabbed up a clean rag to clean the bar. “Thanks for the offer,” she replied casually, her voice even. “I appreciate it.”
The rest of the night passed fairly quietly, but driving back home Amanda reflected on Jean's words and cried. 

Meet Rose Wynters

I've often been asked how I'm inspired to write about werewolves, immortals, and zombies. The answer is easy. I adore them. Be it the Wolf Town Guardians or the Endurers, these characters have been a joy to write about. And why not? What woman wouldn't love a sexy immortal male or a long-lived werewolf that is destined to have them? Not all of my books contain plus-sized heroines, but many of them do. I believe in true love and true love isn't based on a size tag. If you agree with this, I think you will enjoy my books.


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4 Stars

First of all I read this as a stand-alone having not read any of the previous books in the seres. It worked well as a stand-alone and while there were a few small comments I couldn't put in context due to references from the previous books with the stories focus on the two main characters it was good as such.

Ryker just wants to be left alone, while a part of the pack he prefers his solitude over the antics of his pack mates. While many of them are finding their mates at over 500 years old he has all but given up on the possibility.

Amanda is in a situation she never imagined. She stays with her boyfriend not out of love, but necessity because leaving him would mean having no other place to go. She knows he's cheating on her but what other option does she have? And then she gets news that's even worse. Cancer and there's no one to help her.

The two meet and while the attraction is mutual Ryker doesn't sense that Amanda is his mate. And the timing for her isn't great either, after all she's dying. But neither can resist the other and fate knows what it's doing...right?

Ryker is a bit cantankerous, but when it comes to those he cares about he'd do anything to help them. Even if he hasn't known her for long he knows he'd do whatever he could to help her.

Amanda has been beat down by life and circumstances, but when it comes to Ryker she trusts her instincts and lets him in.

They have their share of troubles, but I enjoyed their story and getting to know them!

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