Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Complete Steel Veins Box Set Book 1-3 MC Romance by Adair Rymer

Contemporary Romance/Suspense-- This collection contains all 3 books in the Steel Veins series. 

Too Rough For Love (#1) 
Too Wild To Ride (#2) 
Too Fast For Hope (#3) 

When the Steel Veins MC rolled in, Star's life was changed forever. Her only chance of surviving the vicious gang lies in the hands of a terrifying, yet dangerously handsome biker, Remy "Poet" Daniels. 

But Remy's MC has twisted itself into something he doesn't even recognize anymore, and as long as the two remain with the club, he can't keep Star safe. 

All alone and hunted, they are forced to overcome rival clubs, hit squads, corrupt cops and death itself. 

Their old lives reduced to ashes, one young woman and an outlaw are forced to trust each other to survive. Can Star live in his violent world, or is Remy's love just too rough? 

Author's Note- Hang on tight! This is a fast, brutal, explicitly sexy and heart-wrenching series. This thrill ride is NOT for the faint of heart! 

Too Rough for Love
Part One of the MC Romance

Star has moved in to her Aunt and Uncles place. She needed a place to stay during the time she attended college and her father set it up for her. The problem is her Aunt and Uncle are completes butts. She just had to get through this mess and finish school.
But never had she ever imagined her world would take the turn it had.
Remy...and his gang. They roll in to the as station own by her Aunt and Uncle and leave nothing but destruction behind.
Starr was forced in to a life of...
Violence, Anger and Pure fear.
The only one she could allow herself to rely on was Remy, yet even he was someone she feared.

Too Wild to Ride
Part Two of the MC Romance

Remy tried to push Star away. Not because he wanted to but because he had too.
He needed to keep her safe and the only way to do that was to leave her behind.
Things were about to get ugly and real dirty, fast.
The Steel Veins had changed over he years and not for the better. They had soiled themselves in Remy's eyes and now it was time for him to clean house. Even if that meant toying with the other side to do so.
He would have to step into dangerous territory and put his life on the line, while running from the kill team that had been set forward to dispose of him.
Star was no longer safe being anywhere near him.
She on the other hand had a whole other plan. She refused to allow him to push her away.

Too Fast For Hope
Part Three of the MC Romance
Remy walked in to a war zone so to speak. Never did he or Star expect the outcome they faced, yet now they are faced with life or death.
Remy is determined to weed out the bad with the Veins MC.
It is not what it used to be.
When the two worlds collide chaos surfaces. Everything is flipped upside down as Remy's plan is set in to motion. Now things get wild.
Will they come out on the other end of this mess in one piece? Who will not make it threw?
Find out now!

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