Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Alicia  by Dahlia Donovan

Alicia is the third main novel in the Blackbird series and will be available on April 15th on Amazon. 


Born into a Moroccan family both wealthy and well-connected, Alicia has wanted for nothing her entire life. Choosing to abandon her family business for fashion, she has built her own business and lives off the fruits of her own labour. Her traditionalist mother has longed for her to settle down with a good man.

Alicia has never wanted a good man until Josh Withers. Tired of meaningless flings, Alicia has found someone who challenges her in all the right ways. So what if he occasionally turns himself into panther?

No one's perfect.

Now in a fight for her life as enemies from both her family's past and her best friend Ivy's recent nightmares come hunting for her. Alicia can only hope Josh's military background and shifter strength will keep them safe.

Book one, Ivy, and book two, Natasha, can be found at Amazon, Nook and Smashwords.  Masquerade & Twelve Days are also part of the series and can be found on Amazon exclusively.

4 Stars

Josh has waited for Alicia for so long and he's determined to make her see that they are meant to be together.

Alicia got the shock of her life when the guy interested in her turned into a giant cat. But even more so when he said she was his mate. Is one guy forever what she really wants?

Just when the two of them seem to be figuring things out Alicia is attacked on several fronts and Josh must ensure her safety while he and the rest of the team try to figure out who is after her.

Alicia is a spitfire, not one to just sit back even if she doesn't know everything she is determined not to be left out. She won't just roll over because someone is after her she'll do everything she can to help figure out what is going on.

Josh is patient, like the cat stalking his prey, he waits for the perfect time to pounce and once he does it's all over for you. He'd do anything to protect those he cares for and no one will stop him once he sets his sites on you.

More trouble and danger in this one and you see more of how the team how the team works together to keep each other safe. The mystery of who is after them sucks you in and I enjoy going along on the ride to try and figure who is behind the evil doings,while also watching Alicia and Josh steam things up on the pages.

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