Monday, April 6, 2015

Suddenly a New Life by Stacy L Mantlo & C. Shivers

Only a Perfect Storm 
Could Bring them Together...

Published: February 2nd 2015

Since the unexpected death of her beloved husband, Sky Kendrick has been merely surviving day by day for the last two years until her crazy, witty, takes- no- crap best friend pushes her to get out of town in hopes of getting her life back. Sky is unsure she has the ability to do what her friend is asking—get out of her rut and try to create a real life again—even though it’s for the best. On her way to a sunny beach in Florida, things don't go as she planned. 
Fletcher Smith is an ex- Navy Seal. He has kept everyone at a distance ever since he returned from his last mission. Now retired from the military, he has his own private investigation company. Fletcher prefers solitude and has no plans for that to change. So when a sassy-mouthed beauty from Georgia suddenly, desperately needs his help, he hopes he can put the harsh life of combat behind him and move ahead. 
Can Sky and Fletcher heal, change, and reach out to each other for a chance at love? 

Author Bio

Carla Shivers is thirty eight year old mother of two wonderful young men. She is addicted to sweet tea and has a passion for reading and writing. Carla's way of unwinding from a hard day is getting lost in a book. She enjoys spending her time with her family and coming up with ideas of different stories for the next book.
Stacy Mantlo is a full time wife and mother of two and now new author. She is addicted to coffee and chocolate and tries to get six hours of sleep at night. She has always loved reading and writing all kinds of different stories. She state's; life can sometimes be over whelming so writing and reading is a great way to escape, walk into a fantasy world if only for a while. Her favorite part is letting her fingers fly on the key board of her computer while the story unfolds in front of her.

Book was provided by author for Honest Review...

4 Stars

Within the first few lines you get a glimpse of Sky's turmoil. She is suffering through a depression at the loss of her husband. Unable to move on after losing him so suddenly she just goes through the motions, suffering still 2 years later from the nightmares of the night she watched him slip away.

Her best friend takes matters in to her own hands and forces Sky to take a trip. A need to clear her head and maybe find the strength to once again live.

He who has demons of his own. Memories of his time as a Navy Seal. He too has suffered loss, and now finds it easier to coast through life, alone. Keeping a distance, surviving on his own.

A storm leaves Sky in a scary situation and who comes to her rescue on that rainy night?

He is straight forward...all Alpha
He is unbelievably attractive.

He is all You will, I say so, and that is just how it is gonna be.
She is all oh hell no, I don't have to listen to you, I am outta here.
I won't lie and say there weren't a few times I was like, Um...hell no...

I lacked the connection I was hoping for with these characters. Though it was funny at times, and hot at others. I just wanted to feel a little more hooked by Sky and Fletcher.
I think the story line was good.

There were times I laughed. Terri and Sky were pretty fun together. And the banter between Sky and Fletcher was fun too.

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