Sunday, September 6, 2015

Spotlight Review Karma Effect: A paranormal romantic comedy by Addison Lockwood

Karma Effect: A paranormal romantic comedy

Had Teagan known that she would someday find herself duct taped to
an office chair in the middle of the West Virginian woods…maybe she wouldn’t have pushed her childhood babysitter so far. How was she supposed to know the woman was an honest to goodness witch? But still, a twenty year bad luck curse for stealing someone’s identity seemed like a steep punishment for a nine-year-old to pay.

Blake wasn’t sure what to do when he came across the cute little redhead and her dog wandering around on his land. Was it irony that the girl of his dreams would end up in the middle of his woods or was it the fact that Don Carlotta had finally found him and he’d sent her as man bait. Either way…he couldn’t let her go.

3.5 Star Review

Teagan was cursed when she was a child and ever since Karma has always come calling when she did something she wasn't supposed to. 20 years later and its gotten so bad she has finally decided to leave the town she grew up in before the angry townspeople come to blame her for everything wrong that has happened in their town. But leaving her home brings her more trouble than she ever expected and yep she just got duct taped to a chair!

Blake is insanely hot, but he thinks she's someone she isn't and the misunderstanding leads them on an adventure Teagan doesn't think she'll get out of alive.

Teagan seems strong and sure of herself, but because she has been put down for so long sometimes it's hard to remember the opinions of others are not as important, especially when it something rude or mean. Finding a way to accept herself is just part of this adventure.

Blake is overprotective at times, but in general is a total sweetie. He may not have believed Teagan about her bad luck right away, but once he does he takes it all in stride and doesn't push her away even when she thinks he'd be better off without her. And then there was the time with the squirrels..... yea he was basically a saint for not leaving her.

With plenty of moments that have you laughing so hard you'll cry, a few sweet romance moments, and more trouble than you can imagine you get quite the read with this one! The only downfall for me were the few inconsistencies throughout the story and while things were well timed in the first half the second seemed a bit rushed. But overall definitely worth the read and one of the funniest books I've read in a long time!

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