Monday, February 22, 2016


Sins of A Wolf
by Jessica Lee
Series: KinKaid Wolf Pack, #4
Genre: M/M Shifter/Paranormal Romance
Cover Designer: Mina Carter
Release Date: February 22, 2016

The heat building between them is ready to erupt, threatening to shatter the wall around a soldier’s heart.

Former Green Beret, Zackary “Sin” Sinclair has a secret nipping at his heels. And he’ll do anything—go anywhere—to keep that info locked down tight. Including playing along with the news that he’s the father of his best friend’s little sister’s baby. But there’s no way in hell that’s possible since he hasn’t touched a woman in years. That, and his best friend has no idea Sin’s been hiding the fact he’s gay since they were teenagers.

KinKaid Wolf Pack Enforcer, Aydin Michaels is his cousin’s new pet project. If he doesn’t sober up and fall in line, he’ll be kissing his new career goodbye, and more than likely, packing up to head back east. The last thing he needs is a smokin’ hot human male with eyes that turn him inside out trying to play his hero.

When a bar fight goes wrong and Sin ends up bitten, Aydin is charged with tracking him down—before he shifts—and educating him about those in the world who aren’t quite human. Rule number one: in order to survive, shifters stick together. But convincing the hardheaded soldier on the run to stay put, preferably with him, is easier said than done. For Sin, putting down roots means paying a price. He either betrays a friend and risks losing the only family he’s ever known, or walk away from the man who’s claimed a piece of his soul.

The KinKaid Wolf Pack Trilogy
Includes Books #1 - #3

Jessica Lee is an EPIC eBook Award winner and international bestselling author of paranormal romance. She lives in the southeastern United States with her husband and son. In her former life, Jessica was a science geek and spent over twenty-five years as a nurse. But after the birth of her son, she left her medical career behind. During that transition, she discovered her passion for writing romance and has never looked back. Jessica Lee is currently published with Entangled Publishing and Resplendence Publishing. Plus she has several self published titles available.

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4.5 Stars

Evin just wanted to be happy, but being the Alpha's son in order to take his father's place one day he would have to make and produce an heir. The problem?  He has no desire for his intended or any other female for that matter. And when the truth comes crashing out he is banished from his pack.
Mason just wants to be free but with his father's wishes always crammed down his throat he is forced to play the dutiful son. Crashing his car in a remote town brings him face to face with Evin and from there everything changes for the both of them.
In a world with wolf shifters the story is brought to life through the characters eyes.
These story switches POVs between both of the main characters and you see each of their desires and hopes throughout. You have no choice but to fall in love with both these guys and want nothing more than to see them get their HEA.
I previously read book 4 in this series and enjoyed it so much I had to go back and start at the beginning and I am definitely glad I did this was a very enjoyable and hot read the only thing I wish is that it would have been longer!

Make Me
4 Stars

This is a quick read and a continuation of Evin and Mason's story.
Short and steamy this novelette sees our guys 6 months later and dealing with pack life and problems. 
Things between them couldn't be better but outside forces threaten them and those they care for most.
This  one gives you another glance at these two that we have come to love while also giving you an intro into the next book in the series and where the story line will go.

Heat Rising
4.5 Stars

Rosa. Evin's sassy twin sister. With all the trouble her brother had to go through in order to find happiness with his mate you just knew Rose's story would be even more interesting.
In this when we see the continuation of the story line from books 1 & 2, but this time the character focus is on Rosa, Landry and Kaleb and there affections for each other that none of them will admit to.
Landry is a smoking hot Alpha Dom personality who knows who he is and doesn't give a flying flip what anybody else thinks except for the two people he wants more than anything but doesn't think he can have or that he deserves.
Kaleb, has lived in his family's shadow for long that he is terrified of reaching out and grabbing what he wants especially when it's something that even in the shifter world is considered nontraditional and impossible.
Rosa knows what she wants even if she could only admit it to herself. But with her heat coming she knows decisions will have to be made even if she is unwilling to do so if it means hurting the ones she cares for the most. She feels so deeply for others that she would rather see herself hurt than hurting them.
All 3 know in their own heads what they want even if they admit it to no one else especially each other, but when circumstances change everything can they give in to their true heart's desires?
I enjoyed the story and seeing how each of them grew up and how they each saw the others and what it is they wanted.The back and forth in all of their minds helps you to understand where they're coming from and how deeply they care that they're willing to risk their own happiness to ensure that the others are ok.
Throughout the story you're rooting for them to find their happiness and feel as if you've truly gotten to know the characters, making this another great addition to the series.

Sins of the Wolf
4.5 Stars

First of all this was the first book in the series that I have read and it was done so well that I didn't feel like I had missed anything, the world of wolf shifters was perfectly explained and previous characters who I'm sure books have been written about were not so ingrained in the story that I felt confused and annoyed about having not read them first. Although I do plan on going back and reading them asap!
Hot! The story was packing some major heat the chemistry between Sin and Aydin was off the charts!
After an accidental bite during a bar brawl Aydin is charged with finding Zachary Sinclair aka Sin and teaching him about the change he is about to go through. Their meeting tho has them both reeling to give into their attraction.
Aydin is a Grade A screw up, at least that's the way most people see him but really he's a sweetie who's just trying to find his place and move past the pain that has followed him his whole life. He is caring and understanding and I just loved him all around.
Sin is in hiding his choices leading him to try to stay one step ahead of his best friend. The one thing he's always wanted is a family and the only ones he ever felt that close to where his best friend and his best friend's little sister. So when Rachel puts him in an awkward position it doesn't matter because he do anything for her anyways even if it means alienating her brother. That's just the kind of guy he is.
These two each have pasts they need to overcome but I enjoyed seeing throughout the story as they opened up to each other.
Great afternoon read and one you definitely need to cool off from after finishing! ;-)


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