Thursday, October 17, 2013

MY TODAY by H J Bellus


My Today starts up where My Now and Forever left off, except now we get to see Lacey and Tripp's story.

We knew Lacey had a pretty horrible past, but when you find out all the details you'll barely be able to see the screen. Keep tissues handy for this book, and not just for Lacey, but Tripp too.

Now along with the sad, hard parts there's also the fun so "don't ever let anyone dull your sparkle" is a great theme to live by throughout.

Their pasts have left them broken, but together they might just be able to heal themselves and with their family there to support them you know anything is possible.

"I had never been a believer in the mushy-gushy shit of soul mates and love. But this Beast dry humping me on the floor in a gym, while doing push-ups over me, just made me a believer."

Tripp and Lacey story was a roller coaster but in the end you want to do it all over again all day long
They have the moments that make you laugh out loud and then the times you have to stop set the kindle down and blow your nose....taking a deep breath before you dive back in.
The needed one another to breath and they healed one another. It was a great story and we Loved Every Moment of it!!!


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