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A Man of Honor (The Honor Trilogy #2)by J.P. Grider

A Man of Honor (The Honor Trilogy #2)\Genres: YA/Fantasy/Paranormal
Publisher: Fated Hearts Publishing
Published: September 5th, 2013


The second book in The Honor Trilogy finds Storm contending with his feelings for his brother’s girlfriend, while formulating a plan to finish off the evil empath out for Honor’s blood, once and for all.

Storm Sutherland is still trying to ignore the fact that he’s fallen for Honor Stevens. And now that she’s gone and brought him back to life, it’s even more difficult to get her out of his mind. With Ethan and Honor still going strong, Storm battles between his impulses to win her heart, regardless of his brother’s feelings, or walk away, leaving the only girl who’d ever breathed life into him.

But before he walks away, he must find a way to stop the man who is out for Honor’s blood, the result of a two-hundred year old vengeance against her grandfather that Honor must pay.

Will Storm come up with a plan to end this war before she pays the price?

Our 4 Star Review

The second book in the series is told from Storm's POV and we see his struggles to take care of Honor without letting his feelings for her get out of control. While trying to figure out who's still after her and how to keep her and his family safe he has to figure out who he really is. With Honor taking up more and more of the heart he didn't think he had it makes things complicated for everyone when she seems to have feeling for him too.

This book we get to see allot of Strom's past and how it has shaped him into who he is. It gets annoying seeing Honor's play both Ethan and Storms hearts because she doesn't know what she wants. But at least when she knows she's unsure of her feelings she doesn't stay with Ethan.

The story progresses and there's interesting developments with new characters and we get to understand more about of the history of what they are. I enjoyed seeing more depth to Storm and how he really sees everything with what's going on around him.

 The Honor Trilogy: Books One, Two, and Three by J.P Grider
Genre: YA/Fantasy/Paranormal
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published: January 24th, 2014


About the Author:
J.P. Grider (1966 – ) born in Paterson, New Jersey as Julianne Pellegrino, was raised in Haledon, New Jersey, the oldest of six siblings. Her love of writing started early in her childhood, when she started writing poetry in-between homework assignments. As part of a school work program as a Journalism major in High School, J.P. Grider worked as a freelance reporter for a local newspaper, writing feature stories about exceptional high-school classmates. She studied Television Production and Film Writing at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications.
Two of J.P. Grider’s novels have won awards in the Textnovel Writing Contest, with her first published book – Unplugged (A Portrait of a Rock Star) – reaching Semi-finalist position. Though Unplugged is not her first novel written, it is the first to be published. Her second novel, Maybe This Life, published in 2012, was actually her first attempt at writing a novel. After completing the whole manuscript, Grider decided to scrap the whole thing and rewrite Maybe This Life from scratch. In Grider’s opinion, the difference between the two was night and day.
After writing in the Contemporary Romance genre, J.P. wanted to try her hand at the Young Adult Romance genre – the result, The Honor Trilogy.
Always looking to challenge herself, J.P. Grider is now working on writing in the New Adult Romance genre with a novel called Calling California which should release in the Fall of 2014.


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