Friday, February 28, 2014

Stormy Love by Allyson Simonian

Stormy Love (A Rock Star Romance)

Sean McCaughan is the lead singer for Stormy Love. Over the years, he's been sucked into the rocker lifestyle. He's overly familiar with late night binges and one-night stands. Jenna Danner is trying to make money to help her mother take care of her younger brothers when she is hired as Silver Storm's assistant.

When tragedy strikes Sean's family, it is Jenna he turns to. Will she accept him, faults and all? Or will she be unable to cope with his lifestyle and the danger it brings?

Date of publication: 2/19/2014. Edited by Pam Berehulke. Approximately 52,000 words.

Our 4 Star Review

Jenna needs a job that will help her family financially more than the minimum wage job she's currently got and the assistant spot for a rock band is just the thing for her. Sean knows she's eye candy but as the tour continues and his personal life turns to hell can the enjoyment he feels with Jenna turn into something more? While the two become closer other's and unique circumstances conspire to tear them apart.

Their journey is not just your usual insta love and HEA in one week, it actually shows the journey of Sean and Jenna throughout more than 2 years highlighting their ups and downs Sean is not your typical rock star with tattoos. In the beginning he is heavy on the drinking and women but it doesn't make him obnoxious towards Jenna, he's actually a pretty down to earth guy and I loved how he didn't just give up when things got tough he works through things and works for Jenna. Jenna is sweet and caring and you can see how much she is willing to do for her family and those she cares for. I enjoyed seeing how the two got together and how they found their happiness together and worked through all the hard times they hard.

About Allyson Simonian
I live in California with my husband and children. I'm from the East Coast, originally. I was working in California and teetering on moving back to the East Coast when my husband came into my life. He is a California boy, through and through. He's lived in different parts of the state, and the concept of living anywhere else (except maybe Tahiti) is difficult for him to fathom. I am completely sympathetic, though, as I love California, too. Quite a few of my novellas are therefore set in California, with my husband as a resource for the parts I don't know well.

I had a career in the fields of technology and book publishing (although not fiction publishing) before having kids. I hadn't picked up a romance novel since my twenties. Then along came Fifty Shades.

Loved that series!

What an amazing job E.L. James did. Even more so when you consider it was her first time writing.

The element of kink is interesting and something I include in my titles, where it has a fit. But I think E.L. James' most brilliant aspect was the emotion and passion she created between the characters.

I hope to move toward writing romantic suspense novellas exclusively, where the characters are working toward solving a mystery. But what I ultimately strive for - the theme most important to me - is heat between the characters. Even though my stories are short, I want my readers to experience an emotional journey.  

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