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Darkness Descends: A Skye Faden Novel by Alisha Ashton

Darkness Descends: A Skye Faden Novel
By Alisha Ashton

Skye Faden has had a crappy decade. Seriously. She survived nearly ten years of torture, then escaped and killed the vampires responsible for the deaths of her entire family. She should - by all rights - be free to spend the rest of her days on a warm, sandy beach somewhere. 

Unfortunately, those plans are quickly derailed by a bite-happy werewolf. With just a few days until the full moon and her first transformation, Skye has no choice but to accompany her ADHD-prone handler, Miko, to Scotland in search of answers. 

Faced with a supremely sexy ancient werewolf (woof!), a hushed prophecy about how her arrival will trigger a war, and a handful of unexpected new supernatural abilities, Skye is in for one hell of a ride. As the shaky truce between the breeds races toward its abrupt and violent end, she must unlock the mystery surrounding her identity and uncover a secret of betrayal that has been kept for over 4,000 years. Piece of cake, right?

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So first thing I wanna comment about is something I usually don't. It's the length of this book, most book lately are 200-300 pages or even less and while enjoyable sometimes you just want a book with a little more meat to it. Well, look no further at over 650 pages this one gives you a great story without sacrificing anything just to make it shorter. And if you're like me that an amazing thing. Now onto the story.

Skye's life has been pretty craptastic, with her family murdered by vampires and her held captive by them for more years than she care to remember, there's not much left of her life except revenge. After escaping the horror that became her life she trained to be able to take out those who were like her captors. As she finishes her quest another is unexpectedly started when she becomes chow for a werewolf.

As her new journey begins she must learn to accept what has happened to her and how to deal with the beast that now lives within her. On her last mission an unexpected friendship started with a group known as Ashers, now she must rely on them to get her to where she must be to learn all about her new reality.

Enter the perpetually overexcited Miko who's acquainted with a werewolf, or faol as they preferred to be called, and it's his job to get her to Scottland where Taran is so he can help Skye. Miko is a hyperactive goof ball sweetie pie. He might take time to get used to, but once you do you love him in all his craziness.

Taran. He's the sexy as sin scottsman who's tasked with teaching Skye about who she is. He sex appeal on a stick with an accent to make you go crazy with lust. The chemistry between them is sizzling, but he knows about her past and understands that patience is a virtue. He's an alpha male who knows whats going on at all times and will do anything to protect those he loves.

Ciaran, well he not one you can ever prepare to read about but once you do you'll be under his spell forever.

Those are the main guys you'll read about each with their own importance in the story there's other main characters as well, and of course there's also Skye.

Talk about a chick you can only wish to emulate in a word she's BADASS!!! She says what on her mind without a care for what others think. She can defend herself from most and she' got attitude. She's not just tough though she's got vulnerability that just draws you to her making you want to see her happy.

This story sucks you in right from the beginning taking you on a journey through a new exciting paranormal world. At every turn there's something unexpected, and if you ever feel confused about anything about the paranormal aspect of any part of the story, take care all the answer are revealed throughout when the time is right. If there's something you don't understand it's not something that was overlooked there's a reason for everything and you will definitely not be left wanting at the end of the book. Except for even more from this series! Great read that I'd definitely recommend to anyone!

Alisha Ashton is a fanfiction author, novelist, and unabashed fangirl. She has recently published her first original novel, Darkness Descends: A Skye Faden Novel. Her hobbies include: chasing her mischievous, bare-assed toddler around the house, goofing off with her husband, and fangirling the CW’s Supernatural like ‘whoa!’

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