Thursday, July 23, 2015

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JUST ONCE MORE (The Breathless Series) by Izzibella Beau Author

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Everyone falls in love at least once in their lives, sometimes many times many. Young love, aging love, forever love, forbidden love.. and then there is the One Love. It consumes your life and makes every minute of every day worth living...the one love that leaves you breathless.
Emery Warden was an average eighteen-year-old girl--as average as one can be for having a terminal illness. She wanted to keep life simple and get through what time was left unscathed. No hurt, no pain, no heartache, so being a loner was her remedy for life. Emery just wanted to get through school and reach all the goals she had set for herself.
None of that included meeting and falling in love with Austin.
Austin Murray never got into trouble. As part of the elite at school--the football team--he never had to own up to any trouble. That all changed when trouble caught up with him. The last thing he expected when he began his mandatory volunteer work at the hospital was a girl who had no interest in him at all. He couldn't say the same: the more he got to know Emery, the more he fell in love with her. She different from every other girl he’d ever been involved with, and had no idea how that would change when he uncovered her secret...
Young love is a sweet love that will always be remembered, one that makes us who we are, and one that will leave us feeling alive...and breathless.
WOVEN INTERESTS, by Natalie Alder
Book 3 in the Tapestry Series

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Uptight, serious, introvert…those were the words most used to describe James.
The middle brother in the Becker family, owners of a prestigious racehorse farm in South Carolina, though austere was covertly a playboy.
Unable to resist a beautiful body, whether male or female, James never had a desire to commit to just one. A consummate player, he had no interest in a relationship.
Never say never. A broken ankle was the catalyst that led James to consider a relationship. Falling for a man already in a committed relationship with a woman was intricate enough. But the likelihood of their woven interests in each other becoming a real relationship was threatened by shallow judgment, the media and a troublemaking former barn hand.
**CONTENT WARNING: m/f/m, f/f/m, and m/m romance with strong language and explicit sexual content intended for mature readers only. 18+ ONLY PLEASE**

The creation of man was written in theology long ago, creating a structure of a world where men and women bathe in the sunlight and feast in all the glories of the world. But what of the fallen, those who have once lived above the world and now are left to exist in the darkness of night feeding off the blood of mortal life? Journey forth in legend and discover what became of the angels that defied the laws of Heaven.
Finding her way in a world she never truly belonged in, Anna is about to learn the truth about all the dark myths told to her as a child and find herself the heroin of her own horror story. Living alone in Southern California, she’s a modern girl who recently learned she has a healthy appetite for adventure, sex, and her new mysterious stranger, Victor, a 7th century Bavarian Prince turned vampire.
Mourning the loss of his fallen bride for the last two hundred years, he is a modern stud who has traded his warhorse and broadsword for a UV protected sports car and cell phone and is ready to take on steel and battle to protect Anna from the dark forces stalking her every move.
This story contains erotic sexual fantasies and the ongoing war between angels, vampires, and werewolves.
**CONTENT WARNING: This story contains adult language and sexual situations. It is intended for audiences 18+ ONLY**

CHANGING LIVES by Tracy Kincaid

What if love-at-first-sight was not the "first-sight" after all?

Natalie Star is a modern woman, with modern sensibilities. Practical and realistic, she finds herself falling for a man named Thomas Andrews. Thomas is a perfect gentleman, but his love for her seems to be old, solid, staid-- the kind that grows after years of love and life together. He speaks in riddles when she asks why he seems to know her so well--they were together in a time she can't remember yet.

Thomas longs to tell Natalie everything he knows about her, about them. But it's time that is the problem yet. There is a tragedy that they must endure before she can fully accept who they are, and why they are destined to be together. A tragedy that Thomas has been through once, and will go through again to find the piece of his heart that has been missing all these many years.

That tragedy is the Titanic...
A MOST PRODIGIOUS FAMILY by Elliott Richard Dorfman

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When Betty Langford wins an antique mirror on a local television news contest, the handsome young anchorman, Anson Garner, visits to install the mirror. The middle-aged woman treats him to lunch and learns the newscaster is unhappy living in a hotel. Betty she suggests he rent one of her spare bedrooms--but what Betty doesn’t know is Anson has magical powers. Anson's ancestors came to Earth over six thousand years ago from a parallel world that was overtaken by terrorists. His magic is derived from a book of powerful spells and potions passed down to him. With a secret potion in her coffee, Betty becomes a beautiful young woman once again. Romance abounds, but when trying to contact Anson at the television station, Betty discovers he is not a newscaster. He confesses to her his true identity. Accepting the truth of who he is and what his destiny really is--Anson and Betty tackle the challenges that time and his ancestry bring them face to face with.

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