Tuesday, July 21, 2015

***REVIEW ONLY Tainted Kiss (Watcher's Kiss #1)  by Sharon Kay

Tactical, lethal, resolute. 
Haunted by a centuries-old tragedy, there’s no room in Arawn’s life for softness. Every action he takes is for the betterment of his race and the good of the realm. He leads his elite band of warriors the same way he lives his life: full on, without compromise, determined. Except for one sexy female who happens to be his subordinate. 

Tenacious, passionate, tough-as-steel. 
Ria relishes the duties Arawn assigns her as much as she respects the deadly combatants on her team. And she has a secret: her formidable boss is also her deepest fantasy. Years of working under his authority haven’t dulled the spark she feels, yet her passion is tempered by the hints of loss she gathers about him. His dark and sexy moodiness draws her, but he’s a hard man to approach as he keeps the world at emotional arm’s length. 

Secrets laced in blood burn his battle-hardened soul. 
When Ria is gravely injured in the line of duty, Arawn can no longer fight his own long-simmering feelings. But a secret, more heinous and ugly than anyone could imagine, prevents him from surrendering his heart. Despite his intentions, he and Ria forge a connection both fiery and unexpectedly tender. Yet every day brings them closer to shocking facts. Evil stirs in his blood, and hiding the truth from her will be the ultimate betrayal.


Ria our kick butt Lash demon Watcher extraordinaire, if like me you've read the Solsti Series you've learned quite a bit about her, but now we get into her mind directly and see things through her.

Arawan, the ultimate leader, and you've seen he has his secrets. It's time to find out what they are!

When Ria is gravely injured Arawan can no longer keep away from the feisty woman who has been working for him for decades. How much can or will he let Ria in though? That is the question.

In this spin off series we see both old and new characters that we've come to love throughout the Solsti Prophecy Series which I definitely recommend reading first. First to get their story told is Ria and Arawan and I was so excited to see how it all played out. There is a new story line of evil that our heroes must fight against, which also figuring out their attraction to each other with of course lots of steamy scenes!

I loved seeing more of this world and the way it is written really brings it to life right in your mind making you feel like you know the characters and the world they are a part of!

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