Friday, February 5, 2016

First Blade by Jane Hinchey

Title: First Blade
Author: Jane Hinchey
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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As the only half vampire, half angel in existence, Zak Goodwin is an unbeatable foe and unashamed womanizer. With his band of warriors, he rids the earth of demons, while guarding a ring created from the blood of angels – a ring that, when coupled with an ancient dagger, has the power to destroy the earth.  Only the dagger has been lost for centuries and no matter how great Zak’s power, it remains out of reach.
That is until Georgia Pearce, an ordinary human with psychic abilities, stumbles across the dagger hidden on her property, and the connection between the ring and dagger is activated.
With ancient vampires hot on her tail, Georgia risks it all to keep her loved ones safe, including her heart. Can she trust Zak not to betray her? 
Author Jane Hinchey writes because she has to, the characters in her head won't give her a moments peace until she unleashes them into the world. She writes sexy, snarky, badass paranormal romances.  
She's addicted to coffee, playing the sims and tropical holidays.
A former corporate nerd, she now lives with her hottie of a man, two cats and a turtle in the city of churches {aka Adelaide, South Australia}. Writing soothes her author heart and gives her peace...and working from home barefoot and braless doesn't hurt either.
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She stood facing him now, breath rasping in and out of her lungs, skin sheened in sweat, but she would not back down. Crouched, knife held confidently in hand, she watched him. He was motionless before her, eerily so, but then she’d gotten used to that, it was a weird vampire thing. Her eyes scoured for his tell, a twitch or a blink that gave him away. There! That blink meant he was about to pounce. Just as he began to move she cut him off, leaping out of the way and slicing with the blade at the same time. The knife left a trail of red across his stomach and he looked down in surprise. She’d nailed him. His eyes narrowed dangerously and he mimicked her crouch. It was on like Donkey Kong. He pounced, she lunged and the dance continued movements fast and fluid until suddenly he was on top of her and white-hot pain shot through her abdomen. Her hands clutched at her stomach and she felt wet stickiness ooze through her fingers.
“Ah fuck,” Kyan cursed, springing up from her. They both looked to where the knife was protruding from her stomach, the scent of her blood filling the air. 
4 Stars
Georgia has known about the paranormal world since she was a child getting flashes of people's future when she touched them or sometimes seeing the past when she touched an object helped her to realize the truth of the world very quickly in life. Working on her property to update it she stumbles upon a hidden panel in the wall and finds a blade that brings about a lot of changes very quickly in her life.
Zak is a very old vampire angel hybrid he together with his warriors work to keep the supernatural world at bay punishing those who would harm people. The ring he wears foretells of a Master vampire who if ever awakened things would be very bad for everyone.
With events unfolding around them they will have to trust each other very quickly in order to save each other and those they care about most.
The story itself is interesting and intriguing however I do wish that the paranormal world would have been better explained so that you can feel like you knew more about it instead of just getting bits and pieces throughout the story.
The characters in some ways you feel like you know them but in other ways too I would have liked to see more of.
Overall and interesting fast paced story with some very steamy scenes and a lot of action!

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