Monday, September 29, 2014

Lovers and Loyalty by Taryn Plendl

Lighthearted and funny, Sean Benson has everything he wants: family, friends, and a successful business with his best friend. After the death of her mom, Savanna Davis left the life she never wanted behind, in search of the family she never had.

When Savanna is attacked at Sean’s bar, he clumsily comes to her rescue. Unable to get the green-eyed beauty out of his mind after parting ways, Sean sets out to find her, and inevitably comes to her aid again by offering her a job at Chrome.

Savanna is determined to not lose sight on why she came to Virginia in the first place, while Sean is determined to show her just how great they could be together.

Unexpected discoveries drop a bombshell on the entire Chrome family, putting Sean and Savanna’s new relationship to the test.

Will Sean’s loyalty to his friend ruin his chance at finding Love?

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Savanna came to Virginia looking for a brother she never knew about until right before her mothers death. With only his first name she knows it's a long shot, but won't let anything deter her from trying to find him. Finding herself stuck at a bar after being left by her obviously not so great "friend" she is attacked in the back ally and is saved by bar owner Sean.

Sean knows there's something special about Savanna, but when she doesn't keep in contact with him after he saves her, he goes looking for her. In the end he ends up offering her a job, and it helps keep her near while he tries to get to know her. When suddenly her quest in Virginia gets results the aftermath could ruin any chance they have at a relationship before it ever started.

Can they find a way past it all and find happiness and forever together? Or will loyalties tear them apart for good?

Savanna might look small and meek, but she strong and a survivor. She didn't have the best upbringing, but didn't let that stop her from becoming the best person she could be. Not to mention insanely independent.

Sean's life has been more charmed than most, with a childhood easier than most, but he didn't come out of it arrogant. Instead he cares for those close to him and is deeply loyal.

This story was mostly about Savanna. Her past, her quest to find her family, Sean chasing her. I enjoyed all of that, but at times I wish there would have been more about Sean and his background and family. And about What they each wanted of the future. I loved getting to know Savanna and seeing more from Chrome and am excited to see even more.

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