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The Blushing Death Series by Suzanne M. Sabol

Pool of Crimson

Killing vampires is easy. Trusting one will be the hardest thing Dahlia Sabin has ever done. Dahlia has lived a lonely existence as a killer of the undead. Known as The Blushing Death to those that fear her, Dahlia uncovers a plot by Columbus's Master Vampire, Ethan. He intends to raise a demon from the depths of hell to destroy the city, cement his power, and take control. In her pursuit to stop a demon from manifesting, Dahlia sinks deeper into the city's supernatural underworld and discovers that vampires are not only deadly; one in particular could be dangerous to her very soul and her heart. Patrick, the Master vampire's second-in-command with dark penetrating eyes and a cool, deadly sophistication, can't stay away and Dahlia can't tell him no. There's something that neither of them knows, Ethan wants Dahlia's unleashed power for himself and is willing to do anything to get it. Dahlia is in a race against time to send the demon back to hell, at war with her better judgment, trusting a dark and intriguing vampire with his own agenda, while struggling to save her own neck. As the portal to hell opens, Dahlia has only herself to rely on in order to survive, if she can ... Also be sure to check out more action in the second book of the series with Dahlia Sabin, MIDNIGHT ASH

4.5 Stars

Dahlia's life hasn't been the easiest and with her side job of killing vampires she doesn't have allot of friends. And dating, yeah right when does she have the time? Finding a vampire she can't seem to kill wasn't supposed to be in the cards, but for some reason there's something about Patrick she can't seem to keep away from. As she fights her feelings for the vamp, in comes Danny who seems life the perfect guy until secrets come out. And at the same time Dahlia also finds herself uncovering something sinister that master vampire Ethan is up to. Life isn't always easy, but it certainly keeps things interesting for Dahlia.

Dahlia is no shrinking violet, she's a touch kick butt alpha female who isn't about to let anyone tell her what to do. She's fierce and determined when she puts her mind to something and won't let anyone or anything get in the way.

This story takes you on her journey as she finds a mystery she needs to solve before it causes havoc, and you see her juggling life while she's at it. I enjoyed the story and am excited to continue reading this series to see what happens next in Dahlia's world.

Midnight Ash
It's all fun and games until a dismembered hand gets nailed to your front door. When a woman is mutilated and murdered steps from her home, Dahlia Sabin is thrust into the middle of a territorial vampire war with a target on her back and an assassin on her trail. When a 500-year-old vampire ninja assassin is unleashed on the city to claim Dahlia's head, she has to convince the men in her life to work together before Midnight Ash and her group of assassins can claim their prize. But being in love with the most powerful and charismatic vampire in the state incites animosity and jealousy as Dahlia sinks deeper into the werewolf Pack, becoming entangled with its Beta. In her race to uncover the plot behind Midnight Ash, Dahlia is confronted with old arguments, forgotten traumas, and a new complication in the cogent and all tempting Pack Alpha. As she's driven further into the supernatural world, Dahlia is torn between the vampire she loves and the primal pull of the Pack. If Dahlia can't stop Midnight Ash before blood is spilled, she may never find out who has a contract out on her head, what they hope to gain, or if she's strong enough to survive losing everything. Also be sure to check out more action in the first book of the series with Dahlia Sabin, POOL OF CRIMSON.

Dahlia is becoming more and more immersed in a world she used to only be on the fringes of. She's in love with Patrick, she's her feeling for Danny are making lines blurred, and then there's Dean the pack leader and her confusing feelings when he's around.

Everyone is waiting for something to happen so when word comes there's an ancient assassin after Dahlia those around her are determined to protect her, no matter how much it annoys her. The Midnight Ash is a more deadly foe than she's faced before and it'll take all Dahlia's skills to find her and kill her. When Ash strikes too close to home for comfort tensions run tighter than ever and you never know what will snap when it all comes to a head.

Dahlia might be "just a human" but she's the toughest chick in the crowd no matter what anyone thinks. She got reasons for everything she does and won't let anyone persuade her when she's determined. She's all sass and smart ass and I'm loving her character the more I read of her.

Boys will be boys all circling around her trying to find their piece of her, ans watching as Dahlia tries to balance them all along with everything else she's got going on you just wanna applaud her for the amount of restrain she uses and considering she's a loose cannon to begin with that's saying something.

This series is getting more interesting I'm excited to see more of it!

Sliver of Silver

Dahlia Sabin is Fertiri, carrying both the ancient magic of the grave and the primal power of the Pack. She’s marked for death by her enemies, protected by the vampire liege in love with her and the Pack Alpha infatuated by her. Strays have moved into the city, terrorizing the innocent and leaving mutilated bodies in their wake as a message that no one is safe.

Hot on the Strays’ trail, Dahlia must stop them before they can destroy the Pack and rule it as their own. As her life crashes and burns around her, Dahlia has to put all her inner turmoil aside and become the Blushing Death to protect the people she loves. If she can’t expose their plans, she could lose everything, and her most fearsome enemy is still hiding in the shadows . . .

4.5 Stars

Pain and emptiness is surrounding Dahlia after Danny's death and she's having a hard time coming around from it. Those around her want to help her, but she doesn't want their help, what she really wants is to be left alone. When mysterious deaths start piling up and stray werewolves appear to be behind it, it's up to her to figure out what they are doing in her town and how to find and stop them. She's becoming stronger and trying to understand why as well as what her connection to Dean and Patrick means, after all she can't love two men especially while still mourning another...right?

With more on her plate than ever before the human part of her life she's tried so hard to keep has started slipping away. With murder, mystery, and someone else after her life is never boring for our feisty heroine.

I will warn you though to keep the tissues at hand for this one. With each book you become more and more immersed in this world wondering what will happen next and you feel everything right as one of the characters.

Golden Anidae

Thousands of miles from home and the people she loves, Dahlia Sabin has found a safe haven in Las Vegas. But no matter how hard she tries, she can’t escape who and what she is, the Blushing Death. Word of her arrival gets around fast and Dahlia is thrust back into the world of shadows and death with the scent of vampire lingering in the air. 

While searching for her missing friend, Dahlia uncovers a conspiracy to destroy werewolves across the country. To protect the local Pack and the Pack back home, Dahlia must stop a renegade cop from killing the innocent and a vampire liege hell bent on possessing her. Dahlia confronts old wounds and internal demons that have shaped her from the beginning while defending her friends and her life. But home is on the horizon, if only she can survive the night . . .

4.5 Stars

Dahlia just needed to get away from Columbus and regroup from everything that had happened to her recently. Finding herself in Las Vegas she's just trying to be, but when her cousins best friend goes missing under mysterious circumstances she finds herself back in a situation where The Blushing Death is needed.

Wolves and vampires are just the beginning of what she finds and as she unravels the mystery she finds not only herself, but more people who need her back to 100% asap.

At the beginning of this one Dahlia is a bit broken. When her best friend died it toppled her already fragile self that Danny's death had caused. As she starts investigating we see her start to find herself again and understand her purpose and that there are people who not only need her, but want her too. You see a more fragile side to her and it makes you want to see her get back to herself again and back to her guys.

Black Dalliances (The Blushing Death #5)

The Blushing Death has made a name for herself across the country but her biggest battle is at home. Reigniting old flames and venturing into new liaisons, Dahlia Sabin is in a battle for her heart. As she earns back the trust of the men she loves, the fae are plotting behind her back. 

After her lover is kidnapped and hidden in Faerie, Dahlia will venture into an unfamiliar land, battle creatures of myth, and face a foe that will affect the very fabric of power and magic forever. But before they can make the journey home, all will sacrifice something they hold dear.

4 Stars

Coming back might have taken her awhile, but getting the trust of Patrick back could be harder than she ever realized. Leaving him caused a rift she doesn't know how to fix, but when he is kidnapped and taken to the Faerie realm she'll do anything to get him back. He might be an ass but he's her ass after all.

Dean is finally getting his chance and he's not about to waste it, even with tensions high between Dahlia and Patrick. Dean and Dahlia are finally getting a chance to be together long denied by circumstances, and I loved seeing their happiness together. It made what would have been a more tension filled read and broke things up by showing that there's always a bright spot in their world.

Seeing more to this world you get sucked in once again wanting to know what will happen next. With each book the story grows and I'm excited to see what will happen next!

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