Tuesday, June 30, 2015

✯★✯SPOTLIGHT REVIEW✯★✯ The Dark Side Of Chemistry (The Chemistry Series #1)  by S.J. Higgins

The Dark Side of Chemistry
by S J Higgins

When Trent is given orders to leave his lab and to deploy to Afghanistan to test a highly confidential and dangerous serum which he has developed, Skyla can’t shake the feeling that the life she has with strong, dependable, loving, Trent is about to irrevocably change. 

Her fears are soon realized when an unknown enemy, intent on revenge, grabs hold of hers, Trent’s and Trent’s unpredictable brother Jensen’s lives and plays puppet master. 

A dangerous formula, a well kept secret, love and passion will change the course of three people’s lives more than they would ever have dreamed, or feared, possible. 

Meet the Author

S.J. Higgins lives in South Africa with her husband and two children. A little over four and a half years ago, the tiniest seed of a story took root in her mind. In rare quiet moments, driving to work, on her way to meetings, in meetings, that seed grew until one day she found herself wondering if she should write the story down. From the first words on paper everything changed, every spare moment become an opportunity to write and that is when The Dark Side of Chemistry was born.

4 Stars

Trent and Skyla have been together for three years they met because he was working for her father on a secret military project. When that project requires him to go into a combat zone things for the two of them begin to change. We begin to see secrets that have been kept and the consequences of them. As Trent and Skyla are supposed to have their happy reunion everything get even more out of control as someone comes in intent to destroy their lives.

Trent is a sweetie put in a difficult position because of his work, but keeps on going because he believes it's the right thing to do.

Skyla is in a difficult position because of past choices and while I liked her character at the beginning I just wanted to smack her upside the head as the story continued because she kept making the same mistake over and over.

Jensen has been put in a terrible spot and while his choices may have put him there initially, there should have been a way for him to figure things out better than how he did.

The story has a bit of several different genres making it interesting as you try to keep up with what's what and what is going on. It keeps you interested and I read this in one sitting because I just couldn't put it down.

Were there times when I wanted to smack the characters? YES! But now I just wanna see how things turn out as this ended in one of those truly evil cliffhangers!

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