Thursday, August 20, 2015

✯✯Spotlight Review✯✯Fury's Kiss (New England Furies, #1)  by Nicola R. White

➤➤Fury's Kiss by Nicola R. White


Tara Walker dreams of more excitement than slinging plates of seafood for Cape Cod tourists, but as she learns when she is attacked and forced to fight for her life, fate sometimes has a funny way of giving you exactly what you wish for. Faced with strange new powers and embroiled in a murder investigation, Tara must now race to uncover the secrets of the ancient Fury that has woken inside of her – and of the evil that stalks her. 

As if Tara’s life hasn’t gotten complicated enough, she is forced to ally herself with Jackson Byrne, witness to her assault and uncle to a pint-sized oracle whose fate is intertwined with hers. Skeptical, stubborn, and oh-so-sexy, Jackson wrestles with demons of his own. He is determined to ignore the attraction rising between them even faster than the body count, but like it or not, he and Tara need each other if they are to unravel the mysteries that surround them.

4 Stars

Modern day story that brings Greek mythology to life in a whole new way.

Tara has led a pretty boring life just doing her job and trying to get by day by day as she hopes to one day open and own her own restaurant. But life gets a little more interesting when a Fury wakes up inside her head and starts taking over bent on seeking vengeance from those she has meet who have done wrong. And it gets even more complicated when she is implicated in a murder. If she is going to stay out of the jail cell she's going to have to rely on her own smarts as well as those of her best friend and one cute little girl who just so happens to be an Oracle as well as a sexy man who just so happens to be the uncle of the Oracle.

Tara does what she has to do and doesn't complain when things get tough. She is not one to shirk away from things either and says what's on her mind even when she should think first. 

Jackson is a bit of a wishy washy man when it comes to what he wants in his personal life, but the one thing he never shirks from is his duty to protect his niece and those he cares about. When it comes to Tara he might be a but of an idiot but he manages to redeem himself in the end.

I love seeing this new world created and how the characters just come to life before your eyes and I can't wait to see more of it! 

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