Thursday, August 20, 2015

✯✯SPOTLIGHT REVIEWS✯✯ Soul Warriors Series by Allie Burton

Tut's Trumpet: Soul Warriors Book 2

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Her grandfather kidnapped. 

An ancient instrument of death in her hands. 
A warrior from the past determined to stop her. 

When sixteen-year-old Aria York loses her parents, she thinks nothing worse can happen. But then her grandfather is kidnapped by a mysterious Egyptian sect and she is being hunted by two competing tribes. Both want King Tut’s trumpet of war and will lie and steal to obtain the legendary instrument. 

When Aria plays the magical trumpet she forgets her grief. Instead, she feels triumph and greed and anger flow through her veins, and chaos erupts in San Francisco. She wants nothing more than to rescue her grandfather, but finds herself trusting a tortured warrior who insists she hand over the trumpet or risk enveloping the world in war. 

Aria wants to believe him, but knows there’s something even bigger at stake. As each precious hour passes, she’s forced to ask: Is she playing the trumpet or is the trumpet playing her?

Aria just wants her grief to lessen. Losing her parents was the hardest thing that had ever happened to her, but losing her grandfather too just when she was starting to come out of that grief. No that's not gonna happen. A trumpet that's magical? Yeah right! But then how is she able to feel it?

With her grandfather kidnapped and the kidnappers wanting the trumpet and a mysterious guy coming in to save the day (or so he says) She has to figure out who to trust and learn about the very real powers the trumpet has quick or else chaos will erupt around the world.

Falcon is learning to live in this new world he has woken up in, but more important is finding the trumpet of war and destroying it before it causes too much destruction, but meeting the girl who has played it will he find another purpose in his new life?

Aria is just a young girl trying to learn to live with the pain of losing her parents and while she is saddened by the loss she doesn't let the past keep her from trying to help her grandfather when he needs her. She is smart and knows when to get help from others and when to take charge.

Falcon is strong and cares about his cause and knows when to do the right and help someone. He also has impeccable manners and is a total gentleman showing how much he cares throughout the entire book.

These two come together under unique circumstances and work towards finding her grandfather and helping the greater good.

In this addition to the series we see a little bit of Xander and Olivia again, as well as the other warriors they had freed in book one and how they are all now working on making sure all other dangerous magical objects from Egypt don't end up in the wrong hands.

I loved seeing more of this world and how it continues to grow while also not feeling like the other characters you've read about and come to love were not forgotten. Great read!

Peace Piper

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Her mother imprisoned by a murderous Egyptian cult. 

An ancient instrument with powers to ensnare her teenage soul forever. 
A handsome warrior who trusts her with his life and who she must betray. 

Piper Akins hates working with brainy Soul Warrior Math to find the ancient trumpet of peace. She was chosen for the search because Piper doesn’t slip into unconsciousness when the trumpet is played—a connection from an unknown, but powerful father. 

Math was chosen for the quest because of his brilliance, but he wants to prove to his warrior brothers that he’s strong and more than just a brain. When Piper tricks him, he realizes he’s failed at both. 

As they pursue their mission, Math helps Piper discover her hereditary magic and teaches her to use the powers. She finds her true self and is drawn to him as they create their own kind of magic. Until Piper is ordered to betray Math to save her dying mother.

The silver trumpet! What happens with the other trumpet? That's what you were wondering in the end of the last book right? Well here it is in its very own story!

Piper in some ways has lived a sheltered life, but in others it's been hard getting by every single step of the way. With her mother being a former junky and now deeply involved in a cult she has to figure out a way to get them both out and free. The only problem is her mom is dying and she just HAS to find a way to save her.

Magic trumpet? Yea right, but it just might help free her mother if she trades it to the crazy cult leader. But what about when she starts believing that magic is real and she happens to have a bit of it in her?

He will do what it takes to prove himself as not just as the brainiac of the group, but a strong capable person too. The girl though, she was not part of the plan. He knows she's lying about some things, but can he figure out what in time to get the trumpet, save the girl and maybe get her too?

Math is a sweet adorable nerd, who might not know how to say things sometimes, but he does his best. He cares about the cause, but also about the people around him as well.

Piper has had it rough, but shes done what she had to, and when she couldn't go to school she read book to learn things showing how capable she really is.

They have secrets and troubles galore, but if they can figure it all out they'll be better for it in the end. And I loved every minute of their journey!

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