Friday, October 16, 2015

The Black Rose Chronicles book 2 by AK Michaels

Cassius Allarde, probably the most powerful Vampire in existence, finds out how powerless he is when his newly found mate, Rose, is kidnapped. Out of all of Cassius’ vast capabilities inter-realm travelling isn’t one of them. His anger knows no bounds as he realizes the danger Rose is in, and the lengths they’ll have to go to if she has any chance at survival.

Kuan, the mysterious man who purports to be a Chinese God, is the only person who can help them. Cassius assembles a rescue team and they head to the one place he never thought he’d venture: Hell.

Will they reach Rose in time? If they do, will she still be in one piece? Read book 2 in The Black Rose Chronicles to find out.

If you like Paranormal Romance full of suspense, action and thrills, mixed with Dystopian, then this unique series is for you.


5 Stars

Rose has been captured and now finds herself a prisoner in hell. Of all the situations she has been in this is the worst, but this time she has reinforcements coming all she has to do is survive until then.

She is strong, tough, and smart and will do what it takes to get back to those she cares about. It might be the first time she has major backup, but she knows without a doubt she can trust in them.

Cassius is ever the sweetie there for her when she needs it most and trusting in her abilities even when he wants nothing more that to keep her safe in a plastic bubble.

They learn more about their enemy in this one and a few surprises come their way both good and bad. Working towards getting allies is priority number one and it'll takes everyone they get muster to help in the coming battle!

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