Thursday, April 6, 2017

Looking Back on Forever

by Kat Alexander

There are moments in time that stand out more than others: your first kiss, a special birthday party, seeing your baby for the first time, an intimate conversation, a first date, even something as little as sitting around a dining room table with friends. This is the story of the moments that stood out after I first laid eyes on Noah Gish. ~ Claire Sawyer
The city, it used to be a place I loved and missed with an ache in my gut. It was home. The place where I grew up, where I had fun, where I had my friends, where life was as good as I knew it to be. Then I was shipped off to a place that begins the story of how I fell in love, just to screw everything up. ~ Noah Gish

Claire and Noah shared the kind of love that was unbreakable ... or so they thought.
Claire is a girl with dreams of being a Prima Donna, wanting nothing more than to sing her heart out to thousands of people. Noah is a simple boy who wants nothing more than to play his guitar and live the simple life.
As high school love moves on, the changes in their lives overwhelm Noah. He abandons Claire, leaving her to pick up the broken pieces of her heart and move on … as much as she can.
Her dreams shattered, she spends years running from her past, until she’s forced back to the city that played a role in destroying them. 
What will Claire do when the love of her life comes back years later, hoping to pick up where they left off? When Noah finds out how much has changed throughout the years, will he run again? In the end, do you ever move on from your first love? Or do you remind yourself of why they weren’t the only?


“Don’t talk like that.” This is not something I’m used to hearing from Noah. Never Noah. Noah is always so in control and self-assured. To know he thinks I could tear his world apart like that frightens me. “Nothing is going to happen, and you won’t ever lose me. But what if I lost you?” 
Noah looks at me then, his eyes declaring that that would never happen, but I continue. 
“What if you left me? Do you know that scares me? That you might get bored of me and go back to your old ways. Leave me in ruins over you.” 
Noah shakes his head back and forth as I keep talking. 
“I would still live, but I wouldn’t be happy. I don’t think I could ever be happy again if I lost you. You came into my life so unexpectedly, and I was drawn to you from the first second I saw you. I tried to fight the attraction. I was determined to stick to my plan: finish school, tutor for ungodly hours, and just leave the town behind me. But you captured me and haven’t let me go … yet. So I ask myself all the time: When is Noah going to let go?”

“Never,” Noah growls.

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