Sunday, April 20, 2014

Atlantis Dark Tides by Allie Burton

Atlantis Dark Tides
Atlantis Dark Tides
Lost Daughters of Atlantis Book 4

Brought up to believe she is a rightful heir of Atlantis and the destructive Seer of legend, Sky plots to destroy the society that rejected her. On a spy mission, she plans to use a human close to the Atlantean princesses to learn more about her intended targets. Instead, Sky saves the air-breather and exposes her own special powers.
Reef is on an undercover mission of his own. Pretending to work with the Separatists, he’s trying to determine which side of the Atlantean war deserves the support of his people. Reef is from the Kingdom of Merta in the Atlantic Ocean, an entire kingdom the Atlanteans didn’t know existed. Their support could help turn the tide of the war, but only if Reef’s people choose their side wisely.
The two teens work together to uncover the battle tactics of both the Separatists and Royalists. But as their time together leads to love, Sky’s forced to rethink her view on everything. When her mission morphs from spying to murder, she doesn’t want Reef to know he’s partnered with a killer. But Reef has secrets of his own…

Sky has her secrets we saw some of them coming out for Tori's POV in the last book, but now we see at all no-holds-bard from Sky's point of view. Were you wondering who she really is and what she wants? Now's your chance to see who and what she really is.

Sky has been told stories her entire life about the Atlanteans and how they would treat her if they knew of her existence, now out doing her mothers bidding she gets to see first hand what people are really like. It's not all like the stories she was told but can she escape from her mothers hold and find herself along the way?

Reef is neither Seperatist nor Royalist so who is he? What is his true purpose and can Sky trust him? As she learns more and more about him it becomes harder to distance herself from him. Their missions differ in some ways but in others they are the same can they figure it all out and find happiness?

I loved seeing Sky tell her story and how she felt about her life. Watching her you see where her bitterness at the beginning turns into something else as she spends time away from her mothers influence. This is a great and interesting series all around.

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