Wednesday, April 30, 2014

In The Now by Joan Duszynski

In The Now
(In The Moment Series Book 2)

In The Now (In The Moments, #2)
When the heartache of failure for what Tara Wright believed was her love and life plan with her high school sweetheart follows her into a new year, Tara begins to rely on the three new and beautiful friendships that came compellingly into her life. 

Caroline, the first to reach out to Tara, easily becomes the perfect best friend. The one Tara can confide in and trust. Thru Caroline she receives the encouragingly, witty Raleigh as a new friend as well. Next comes Adam. Meeting him at a time where she needs to rediscover herself has her scared and confused. Every moment spent with him has her head swirling and her stubborn walls weakening, collapsing for him. 

Adam is the man that can make her laugh, give her support, and make her heart skip a beat every time he Is around. He's everything Tara needs to make her way back out of her stubborn shell of fear she's closed herself into. 

Finally starting to spend more time together and watching Adam in his realm of adrenaline induced racing at the Motocross has Tara's weakening walls finally crumbling to the ground and singeing in the heat Adam brings to her. 

Has it all just been a crazy ride to recognize true love? Can Adam fix Tara's broken heart and make her believe that their love is In The Now?


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tara was burned by her high school sweetheart when she caught him cheating, now months later it turned out to be the best thing to ever happen because it brought her, her three best friends. Adam has always wanted to be more than a friend, but Tara was too afraid to put herself back on the line again. Now that she's finally ready will it be too late? With a new girl clinging to Adams side will Tara have lost out on what could possible be her soul mate or will she fight for what she really wants?

Tara is strong and free spirited, even with an over bearing older brother always looking over her shoulder. She is passionate about what she wants to do with her life and fiercely protective of her friends is what makes her such a great person inside and out. Adam is such a sweetie who knows what he wants and once he gets it isn't gonna let is go. The way he is with Tara is amazing and I loved seeing him take care of her and show her there's no one else. These two together are the perfect match and I loved seeing their story.

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