Friday, April 25, 2014

Wrecking Ball by B N Toler

Wrecking Ball
Author: B N Toler

When Brandon and Sophia met, something clicked. A guy who didn’t believe in love at first sight, suddenly believed. A girl who believed a bad boy would always be bad, changed her mind. With Sophia by Brandon’s side, he knew he could conquer the world, and Sophia had never felt more loved or wanted in her life. They were good together. 
But even the strongest of foundations can be crumbled. 
Sometimes all it takes is one moment, fleeting as it may be, to crush what was once strong and indestructible, like a wrecking ball. 
Now Sophia has left and as she rediscovers herself, Brandon is left holding the shattered pieces of their lives, trying to figure out how to put them back together. 
He loves her. 
She loves him. 
All he needs now is to make her remember that. 

Contains explicit sexual material 18+

5 Tear filled Emotional Stars!!!

When Sophia and Brandon first met it was in college and that fact that he was a player and had a reputation with the ladies had her taking her time with him. She needed to make sure she would not just end up being another notch on his bedpost of MANY conquests.
What Sophia hadn't realized yet was that Brandon felt something for her that was real, something much more than he had felt before.
The love they had for one another was strong and grew over to something much more than a college romance.

The story sets you ten year in their future...
They are married with two beautiful daughters and Brandon is now a professor. He works long hours while Sophia spends most of her time home with their girls. The love the once had, the undeniable addiction and passion that they shared had dwindled. It has been hidden behind everyday life and responsibilities.

Sophia finds herself torn with a choice she will have to make when the man she loves taints the bond they have always shared.

Tia, Sophia's younger sister takes her on a trip to Mexico. There she shows her how to live to let lose and enjoy life. She reminds Sophia that life is short and helps her find the girl she once was.

Throughout this book out this book you are reminded that things can change so quickly and without control. You are reminded to treasure the things you have and the people you love...Possession are just that, something you can life without. It is the people in you life and the love that you share that truly make an impact.
Life is short and Sophia and Brandon are taught to step back and remember the love they had once shared and still have within them. The love that they had forgotten to express when it was needed the most.

I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it.

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