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Southwestern Shifters Series by Bailey Bradford

Rescued (Southwestern Shifters, #1)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gabe was cast out by his parents a long time ago for being gay, his grandparents were lifesavers taking him in and showing him true love and that it's ok to be who he is. With their death he inherited their house and eventually turned the barn into a rescue shelter for stray dogs. When he gets a call about a wolf he never saw Mika coming.

Mika was thrown out of his pack for being gay and left to wonder alone, when he saw Gabriel he knew it was his mate, but how to explain that to him without Gabe running off? With everything he's been through he can't take another blow, but not taking a chance could be the worst thing he's ever done, not that Gabe's letting him go anyways.

This story shows what happens when a person is thrown out of their family because of how they choose to live their lives. Gabe is strong on the outside but inside you can see the pain left from his parents disowning him and their hurtful words. Mika likewise was not only thrown out by one or two people, but his entire pack and you can see what the loss did to him by the way it took time for him to trust Gabe. The two together are so sweet and the way they heal each other shows just how meant to be they are.

This story did very well with explaining the supernatural element and blending it in a great way .Add in some great friends and an attack turned mystery on them and you've got yourself a great mix in this novel.


Relentless (Southwestern Shifters, #2)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Zane is ashamed of what he did to Mikah and knows he deserves every bit of bad pointed his way, but when the head of the territory turn out to be his mate he flees. Because why does he deserve a mate especially one as amazing as Aiden. Yea so he wasn't expecting to mate to a guy, but he's not unhappy about it either. Problem is he's never gonna be good enough so he runs.

His mate just ran and it's not until he finds out who it is that he understands why. After all how does the guy who kicked out a man from his pack for being gay turn out to be his mate? With too many questions and no answers he has to decide weather or not to go after him and see if there's more to the story than anyone knew. But when the truth comes out how will it be handled?

Aiden is an alpha male to the core and hard headed to boot, but when he knows what he wants he goes after it with a passion. Zane is a sweetie no two ways about it, when we met him in book 1 he was the bad guy, but now we find out he wasn't so bad after all. I loved seeing him open up and work through everything that has happened and is happening to him. The journey between the two opens you up to seeing new troubles in the shifter world and you feel even more a part of it as the story goes on.

Then you have Mikah and Gabe making appearances throughout and my oh my what a BLAST!!!! If I loved them in the first one it's even better now. And the humor throughout definitely keeps you on your toes!!!


Reckless (Southwestern Shifters #3)

My rating: 4.5 Stars

Marcus didn't just disappear he was captured and six month later he's been left to die in a cave. Luckily for him he is found by Nathan. Nathan is a shifter, but he was raised by a human and given to believe that shifters were all crazy. He can't explain why he suddenly needs to save the shifter in the cave but his wolf won't let him walk away. Marcus understands right away even if he's too weak to act upon the mate link he feels forming, but as he gets stronger and Nathan asks more and more questions when Marcus gives him answers will Nathan even want a broken man?

This story continues with the world created in books 1 and 2 and adds to the storyline in a great way so you never feel like it's repetitive. You do get to see more of characters introduced in the first two books, but you also get to meet a whole slew of new people too.

Marcus ever the strong alpha male is trying to find his way back to himself after the abuse he's suffered the last six months. Nathan is strong and caring feeling with his heat instead of allowing stories he's been told his whole life dictate how he acts around another shifter. Watching as Marcus doesn't allow what happened to him define him shows how strong he really is.

We also see how Aiden and the others deal with his disappearance so you're not left wondering what's happening elsewhere. There's more of Gabe and his humor as well as other fun times keeping things from getting dragged down by bad circumstances. The story continues to open up more and more of the shifter world and problems they face from advisories seen and unseen


Rendered (Southwestern Shifters)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After his failure to protect the Aplha Anax, Alex wants to find the Dobson pack and get justice and redeem himself. When he realizes they didn't disband and are still together he knows he won't be able to take them on alone and he'll have to do something he dreads, call for backup. But before they get there he makes a shocking discovery, one he's not sure he can handle. Between his past and who it appears Fate has decided is for him can he overcome his obstacles and find peace within himself and happiness with those around him?

Sean is been used as a punching bag for so long by his brother he doesn't know any other way, and when he's left to die in a horrific way he thinks no one will ever care, but when his delirium conjures a man with beautiful blue eyes he's not sure he ever wants to wake up. He's had a horrible past but can he overcome it in order to have a happy future?

There's so much sorrow going on in this one you can't help but feel for the characters and want to encourage them to to overcome it all. Alex beats himself up over things that are not his fault but you can see his strength in how he wants to make up for his "mistakes". Sean has had such a hard life but he's still a good man and does what he can to help others even when it's not much. The two help to heal each other and make each other stronger than ever before and I loved seeing their story play out.


Resilience (Southwestern Shifters, #5)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Todd was so far in the closet he was in a secret room behind it, even to get gay best friend he never admitted it out loud. And everything was fine, well not really with his asshole father, but when the new vet come into town he knew he was screwed.

All it took was one look and he knew Deputy Delish was his. Problem was in such a small town he couldn't be sure there was even mutual feelings, but as time goes on they both realize their interest and nothing can stop them from being together even Todds near death.

Their story starts at the same time as book 1 and shows what was really going on between the two men and how their relationship started. There more to the story than we ever saw before and there's more craziness than you can anticipate going on. I loved seeing their story and how they get sucked into the shifter world and all its insanity. We see the steamy moments and the tender and of course even more of our favorite guy Gabe and his awesomeness.


Reverence  (Southwestern Shifters, #6)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Harley is a mess emotionally, after being kidnapped by Dobson and being forced to do the most horrible things he has no trust for any shifter. All he wants is to go back to his life, but that may not be as easy as he thinks.

Val is a mess emotionally to but more so physically, after being hit buy Dobson's car he was in a coma, a first for shifters and he's not back to 100% may never be there again. But he's not gonna wallow in self pity, no he just wants to go on with his life and serve his AA, the assignment he gets could be seen as one he got because there's no one else, but he knows it's because he can do it the best. But he wasn't expecting Harley and with his wolf MIA he has to trust his other instincts to help him realize their mates and together they can heal each other.

Their story shows the heartache they each have gone through and how they go on after it all. You see Harley and his reactions to what happened to him and how he saw things from his perspective. Val could be angry at his situation but instead he goes with the flow and finds he good in it. It's not all sweet and cuddly it's raw and emotional and there's allot of angst in this one. Another great addition to this series.


Revolution (Southwestern Shifters, #7)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Adam found out his missing best friend had also become a part of the shifter world he and Todd insisted on going to Europe to try and find him. What happened there changed him and Todd but how have things been for Jameson and Luuk all this time?

They've been on the run for three years living in the wild in the mountains barely surviving and threats around every corner. It's been hard on them both but now they they've caught hint of an unexpected ally can the luck finally be changing?

Jameson might not have known about the shifter world all his life but he's wholeheartedly accepted it and his mate Luuk. He's surviving and while he wishes things were different he's doesn't ever think he'd be better off if he'd never met Luuk and that right there shows just how much he loves him.

Luuk wasn't as strong of a leader as he could have been before but throughout the story you see where he's learned from his mistakes and become stronger because of it. His desire to do everything he can not only for Jameson, but also the other shifters in Europe show how right he is for the leadership role.

It's not an easy journey for either of them, but the end result is their freedom and happiness together and their stronger than ever before.


Revenge (Southwestern Shifters, #8)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ryder wasn't given a choice about joining the shifter world, but now that he's a part of it he realizes it's probably the best thing to happen to him. Plus it helps that his brother is a part of that world too. He's an alpha but learning what that truly means, means he has to accept help from Marcus and Nathan. He's meant for great things but first he has to learn most about the shifter world, without pissing people off with his questions first.

Maarten is sent to America to learn from them and to help with diplomacy between them and his brother Luuk, the European Alpha Anex. He's just been sent out of Luuks hair really and it is depressing, but when he finds his mate everything that never made since in the world suddenly does.

When we've seen Ryder before he was rough around the edges but you can see he's a good guy. Inquisitive yes but for a reason. Maarteen on the other hand has always been annoying to me every time he's come up. See the two together and how they really balance each other out makes each guy all the better. For some of the guys in this series their mating's have been rough or hard to accept for them, but for these two you get to see how easy and amazing right off the bat it can be.


Reluctance (Southwestern Shifters, #9)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Keegan is way too stressed, after the deaths of 7 shifters under his command he's become even more obsessed with ensuring the safety of Marcus and Nathan. Now he's sent to retrieve Olin, a security expert, in South America. But what should've been an easy pick up turns more complicated when Olin turns out to be his mate, and there's people out to get them.

Neither wanted a mate for different reasons, but trying to deny the bond is impossible and when they have to rely on each other to keep safe they learn allot about each other real quick. Keegan has always seemed to be a strong guard and seeing him from a new perspective we see just how hard things have been for him.

Olin is a smart mouthed human with (insert snicker) height issues. He's smart and definitely the most dominate guy from all the guys we've seen in this series so far, and that's saying allot. He might not like the shifters in the beginning but he is open to seeing things differently once he's forced to. Their not exactly opposites, but they have enough differences that they compliment each other in the perfect way.

Another great addition to this series each one bringing something different and fresh to the mix and making each story unique and very enjoyable.

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