Monday, May 11, 2015

Bailey's Road by B.G. Simpson


A hidden bunker in the hilly community of Colorado Springs, Colorado, becomes a focal point of survival. It is buried in the ground, hidden from view of any watchful eyes. 

Bailey Simms feels right at home along the rough and undulating roads of the countryside of Colorado Springs. A seasoned distance runner ready to make a name for himself, the nineteen-year-old is stopped short when a summer storm hits the area, changing the surface of the earth. 

This sci-fi adventure is off and running, populated by a young woman named Betty and her new heart-throb Bailey, who find secrets hidden by an all-consuming government ready to change the face of the world. An unhinged scientist, a zookeeper, and a strangely formed group of misfits come in contact with a beast that gives new meaning to the word terror. 

Fighting for survival, this odd group finds a hiding place, the bunker buried deep inside the Rocky Mountains. Yet something has been left behind in cold storage for the past three years. Follow Bailey and his new friends and family as they quickly unravel a future that may not see a tomorrow. Do you know the way to Bailey’s Road? 

About the Author: 
B. G. Simpson grew up in San Diego. “As a young boy I’d learned a lot about life and a young boy’s dreams by becoming a seasoned distance runner. Through those experiences of my youth, and traveling, I’ve learned that each of us have to travel a road not always smooth or easy going. There are bumps along the way that teach us to bend and flex, with the occasions of stress and change that tend to mold us into the people we become.” 

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