Thursday, May 21, 2015

***SPOTLIGHT REVIEW*** Highland Wolf Clan, Book 3, New Beginnings  by A.K. Michaels

As the influx of Highlanders arrive in the US, Cameron’s brother Grant comes too. 

Intent on carrying out his brother’s bonding ritual, and returning home as quickly as possible. 

However, there are some surprises in store for Grant. Ones that are forever life changing, and 

which will test the very bonds of his friendship with one of his closest friends. 

When Cam and Jinx find a young, lone, Panther Shifter in the forest, injured and facing 

up to an enraged bear, they do the only thing they can; they take on the bear to save the 

Panther. On finding out the youngster has no Pack, no family, Cam offers him a home and 

hopes he hasn’t made a mistake admitting a rogue Panther.

With Jacob finally getting his own bonding ritual, he feels as if he and Rebecca have 

passed the test of their blossoming relationship. That is, until disaster strikes and a new threat 

emerges; one he never envisaged.

Can the Highlanders integrate with the rest of the Pack? Will Grant accept his fate? 

And can Cameron keep everything together; including his multi-billion dollar enterprise?

Find out in Highland Wolf Clan, Book 3, New Beginnings by A K Michaels

4 Stars

Everything is finally going right for Cam and his new pack, with a mate by his side one that he never expected things are great.

In this addition to the series we get a glimpse of all the new couples either enjoying bonded life or preparing for their mating ceremony.

Cam has mellowed out allot since this series has started and is now happy with being mated.

Jacob didn't expect it, but he's never been happier new that he's found his little witch.

No this isn't the end to the series in case you're wondering and while many have found happiness there are still more un-mated characters in this story as well as plenty of twists to keep you guessing as to what will happen next.

Even more excited than ever to see the next installment to this series coming out soon.

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