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MY DEMONS by Kimberly Blalock

Author: Kimberly Blalock
Series: The Angel Trilogy, Book 2
Abigale Hayes has had many things ripped from her life. She‘s been broken and emotionally left to die in the darkness she’s been living in for far too long. Love finds Abby is ways she hadn't imagined would ever be possible, but so do lies and betrayal. Abby will be put in a position to protect the one man she loves and has realized without a doubt she will love forever. Evan’s love for Abby will take him to a whole new depth of darkness and dealing with those that want the love of his life for themselves will be the end of Evan and Abby. Or will it?




Series: The Angel Trilogy, Book 1
When Evan Young walks into Abigale Hayes’s life she falls; mind, body, and soul for the man she thinks he is, having no idea that the secrets he holds in his hands will destroy the girl she is. Abby must decide how the truth will affect the relationship that has her craving more with every breath she takes and how she will take revenge into her own hands. Evan will die to protect Abby and will kill for her too. The events that unfold will change who Abigale Hayes is forever.


Kimberly Blalock 

Kimberly has been writing since she was a young girl growing up in Kansas City, Mo. Reading and writing has always been a big part of her life. She enjoys a world she can get lost in while reading a good book. A wife and mother to four beautiful children she decided she wasn’t busy enough. She spent some time chasing down fugitives as a bounty hunter then laid down her hand cuffs and finished her college degree in nursing. 

Kimberly loves discovering new music to jam out to and loves anything that’s different. Her many interests include Google, you heard it! Google. If you need to know any unusual or interesting fact she has searched it and can recite it. Her motto is: Why be the same as everyone else when you can stand out? 

When Kimberly isn’t writing or playing superhero for her children, she takes care of her patients as a Registered nurse in the field of hospice.

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¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)His Angel¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)


She was his angel, the woman he loved. Yet she did not even know who he was...
Until he shows up at her door.
A double date her friend Amy had ministered and oh what a beginning it was.

Evan Young, the mysterious man, and Abby had no hope of turning away.
He knew things about her life, things she herself had no idea of.
He would stop at nothing to keep her safe, to make her his.

Can I just say I am HOOKED.
Abby's life has been anything but perfect. Losing her twin sister in a horrific car accident has left her broken. She lost the other half of herself and the pain from that knowledge is sometimes crippling.
Marco, the fiancee who ran off to Brazil. The man that held his own secrets, but Evan knew he was dangerous.
Now it was up to him to make sure Abby steered clear of him.
HIS ANGEL, made my heart race, my stomach tense and yes at one point, my eyes teared.
This book had it all...
Happiness and
It held my attention and left me wanting more.
And then events that took place throughout the last 25% of the story...Heart ache!
Without spoiling the story from saying to much I will just say Poor Evan.


¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)My Demons¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
4.5 Stars
Oh no you didn' did not just leave me hanging on by a thread. 
Holy hell, kneel to the queen of cliff hangers.
Okay, let me breath.

Evan holds on tight and Abby takes him for one hell of a ride. But he is dedicated and the Love he has for Abby, it is forever. Nothing and no one will stop him.

There is once again...
Drama and some pretty great sex.
And what an emotional rollercoaster of events...
And the suspense....eek.
How long must I wait for book three?

At a few points the lovey dovey got a little too mushy. But Evans love had great depth.

We met more characters that could so use their own book... hint hint ;)

Monica is INSANE

Natalia OMG she is  flippin' bad ass, I could so see Mike giving her a run around Happy cooter town...oh the sexual tension between those two. SCORCHING!

Abby learns to live again, moving on from a horrific experience that happens in book 1 (His Angel)

So far I am HOOKED and need more, but did I mention that you KILLED me with that ending.

(Hangs head and takes deep breath) 
Oh the torture.

Recommendations rating for the Trilogy...HELL FREAK'N YES!

Reviewed by Crystal

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