Saturday, May 9, 2015

Stepbrother Charming: A billionaire Bad Boy Romance by Nicole Snow

Stepbrother Charming
A Billionaire Bad Boy Romance
By Nicole Snow



I'm ready to slap my new step-brother clean across the face.

Brash, arrogant, and stinking rich doesn't begin to describe Ty Sterner. He's also sinfully sexy, and wicked talented at making my blood boil.

Ty thinks it's funny to chase me around like I'm the next notch in his bedpost. He lives to piss me off. But that isn't why my heart skips a dozen beats every time I look at him.

What happens if his crude jokes about us hooking up go too far? What if I admit I actually want this filthy talking playboy, and one little misstep lands me in Prince Not-So-Charming's bed for real?


I can't decide whether to laugh my ass off or kiss her 'til her panties ignite. Little Miss Perfect's too hot and uptight for her own good. Knowing she's off limits just makes me want her more.

There's a twisted thrill to flirting underneath our parents' roof. And I want a whole lot more than teasing her cheeks red, or watching her eyes pop when I'm strutting around half-naked. I want to rock her world into a screaming mess and leave her soft lips breathless.

Too bad this is the summer I'm supposed to get my crap together to build the family fortune. That's a distraction I don't need when all I really want to do is find out how perfect Claire feels between the sheets...


Dana and Claire decide to spend their last night together at Club Zing before entering the Grown up worlds after College.
Claire is more reserved when it comes to men, unlike Dana.
Tyler Sterner, the owner of Club Zing and a yummy dirty talking bad boy.
Claire stumbled in to his grasp, literally and the games begin. He has had his eye on her all night, and now he is making it known.
After he offends Claire with his off the wall invites to participate in a little party of his own upstairs, she walks away agitated yet intrigued.

So imagine Claire's surprise when she is surprisingly introduced to her new stepbrother. She had no idea her mother was even dating anyone let alone, married. When she walks in to the new family home and finds Ty standing in the living room shirtless and just as yummy as the night before, she hits the floor.

Ty is crude, rude and vulgar. He had no issues with speaking his mind and dropping the F-Bomb right and left. Together Claire and Ty fight against the Sexual tension building within them, after all they are now off limits from taking it any further. I mean their parents are married which should keep them from taking things further...right?

OH MY, the heat...
As the tension continues to build and a few little hot encounters between the two take place, the final straw is drawn and Ty proves to be the tiger he proudly wears on his chest.

When things fall apart for Claire, Ty comes to her rescue and makes everything seem okay. The solution to her problem seems crazy at first but then how could she honestly resist him and his comfort. He makes everything seem better. Yes the bad boy foul mouthed ass, has now become the one person she can and has grown to rely heavily on. He may not be the asshole she had him pegged to be from the beginning he just needed to have a reason not to be such a prick and she may be that reason.

It turns out that Tyler's father is not the name Amanda, Claire's mother thought he was. 
Things have the greatest way of working out and when two people are meant to be...well nothing will stand in the way.

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