Sunday, May 31, 2015

***SPOTLIGHT REVIEW*** Metanoia (Enmortals #2)  by K.J. Coakley

The highly anticipated second installment in the Enmortals Series has arrived. Metanoia boldly takes us into a world where parallel dimensions collide, true love is eternal, and the fate of our world hangs in the balance. 

I was once told this was not a game. No, it’s not. This is hell on earth, and I should’ve stopped it before it happened. But I was afraid…of what, I have no idea. I held the power to prevent this destruction. Weakness of mind and body paralyzed me from pursuing my destiny. 

I am the one. 

I am power. 

I am their demise. 

The Star Child. 

They have never known fear such as I shall show them. 

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This book is intended for a mature audience only, due to language and erotic content.

4 Stars
Sulwen learned the hard way that she has to take everything happening seriously. Now she is hardened and determined to do whatever it takes to protect her world from the danger most people don't even know about.

Logan almost died and its taken him time to heal, when he finally gets back to the mansion he realizes things are not quite to same and Sulwen is different from who she once was. Can he accept her as she is now and help her fight her demons?

With the time fast approaching Sulwen has to learn not only to control her powers, but she has to also figure out who to trust. Things are never quite what they seem and with things having changed to much for her it's hard for her to keep up sometimes, but she does the best she can with what she's given.

Logan has secrets piling up on top of secrets and he still hasn't learned his lesson about that blowing up in his face. He is such a sweetie wanting to take care of his girl, but sometimes I just wanted to strangle him to help him realize he needed to always be up front and honest.

Sulwen has grown up allot and doesn't take anything for granted anymore. She has become quite the bad ass when it comes to fighting and it was great to see her come into her own.

The story not only continues, but evolves to show you more of this world and the different things that there are in it and going on there. There is also allot more steamy content than the previous book so be sure to keep a fan close by to cool down!

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