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Spirited Legacy (Lost Library, #2)by Kate Baray

Lost Library

Lizzie led a normal life...until the Book arrived. 

Author Kate Baray begins her new paranormal romance series with Lost Library, a tale of werewolves, magic, adventure and romance. 

John Braxton arrives unannounced on Lizzie’s doorstep. Little does she know that when she invites him for a drink on the porch, Lizzie opens the door to a secret world of Lycan, magic, spelled books, and a power hungry mastermind. Caught up in one man’s search for power, Lizzie soon begins to uncover surprising secrets about her own past and powers—but not before stumbling upon a library like no other. And romance with a serious but sexy Lycan? It might just happen… 

Take a romp through the life of the quirky and well-meaning Lizzie as she discovers exactly what it means to live with magic.

4.5 Stars

Lizzie has spent her whole life being average, 34 years of being just plain ordinary and it's all changed with just one piece of mail. For two years the mysterious book she received has been nothing but a headache, changing words, different colored pens used and then there's the fact that she can't read anything because the words just float around. Everything changes though when suddenly hunky John shows up on her door asking about the book no one else should know she had. And things get even weirder from there, soon she finds out about different types of magic, shape shifters, and a whole older world she never knew existed.

It all would be really cool if she had time to process it and ask questions, instead she's kidnapped and thrust into this world and forced to figure things out on the fly. It's all dangerous and she has to find a way to figure out who to trust, and then there's her attraction to the man that brought everything to her door. Can she trust her feelings or will it all blow up in her face?

Lizzie is a ball of goofy craziness. She's strong willed even when everything she knows is crumbling around her, she knows how to pick her battles and when to ask for help. And if you go after her friends and loved ones you better watch out! She's loyal and caring and ok just a little kooky.

John is mysterious and intense. There's something about him that draws you in and makes you want to know more and more. He may be a new element in Lizzie's life but you can tell he's not just gonna run off and leave her when things get tough. He's there till the end and will do anything he can to help someone even if he didn't know them long. He can figure out a situation quick and it makes his actions all the more interesting for how he deals with stuff.

The two have a push/pull relationship and it fun to watch their interactions and how they circle around each other testing each others feelings and ideals. John is patient and knows witch battles to fight and when to let things go and he's a perfect match for Lizzie's impulsiveness and knack for trouble.

The story is interesting and involved the author bringing you into the world created and showing you how amazing it is and telling you a story you can't help but get sucked into. Great start to a series can't wait to see more

Spirited Legacy

Lizzie receives an offer she can't refuse—an internship at the Lost Library, home to hundreds of magical books. And to make the deal even sweeter, her prospective boss has offered to act as her magic mentor. What’s a girl to say, but yes? Except…there are the questions of her unresolved love affair, her recently acquired arch enemy, and a haunting past.

Can Lizzie tackle a new job, learn the magical ropes of spell casting, and save her relationship with an amazing man—all while eluding her nemesis? She’ll sure as hell try.

Join Lizzie as she muddles through another magical adventure, with old friends and new, making the most of what life—and the afterlife—throw at her

4 Stars

Did someone just call her Mrs. Braxton? Yup that definitely happened, but she'd remember getting married right? Allot has happened in the last couple of weeks, but a wedding to her hunky Lycan is something she would remember doing. While the two of them try to sort out their relationship, an offer Lizzie can't refuse comes up and it could ruin their fragile relationship before it has a chance to really go anywhere.

Now in Prague and getting a chance to study the amazing library more craziness comes up before she really get time time to learn what secrets the lost library holds. As Lizzie learns more about the magical world and comes into the powers she recently uncovered she will have to figure out what problems to solve first as everything around her gets more complicated than ever.

Lizzie is a bundle emotions and with everything that's happened to her she definitely deserves a few spaz episodes....right? Between her alpha Lycan, powers she can barely figure out, a library full of mystery, and ghosts she's got allot on her plate, but then add on the madman who keeps kidnapping her and new creatures she learns of at every turn she's got a whole lot going on and not enough time to figure it all out.

John shows more of himself in this one and you see just how committed to Lizzie he is and it makes you love him even more, even if he's a bit of a smart ass sometimes. Or maybe because of it. He knows how to handle Lizzie and show how much he cares at the same time.

The story goes from one thing to another and sometimes it's hard to keep up, but in the end the growth to the storyline draws you in once again. Making you want to try and figure out all the secrets within the book and hope the characters figure it all out in time. Definitely excited to see even more from this series!

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