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12 Olympians by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Brock Holloway has it all -- money, friends, a bitchin' car and a promising football career. At least, that's what people see. Inside, though, Brock is fighting for something he knows he can never have: Unconditional love. As the child of Aphrodite, he is worshipped, admired, wanted - but never loved.

Zack Duran is a wolverine shifter -- and not a nice guy. Zack's shifter side is always in control, often making him heartless and unfeeling. When Zack is assigned to guard Brock Holloway, his tactless wolverine tendencies become even more prevalent and Zack has to fight his shifter personality AND his genuine feelings for the beautiful football player.

A near tragedy shakes him to his core, and Zack can no longer fight the feelings he has for Brock. But giving in to his emotions may come at too high a price. A startling secret charges Brock with the nearly impossible task of taming Zack's beast. Is he up to the challenge? Can Zack give him what he needs? And with danger working overtime, can they finally be together as they were intended?
Release Date: November 15th!
Best selling author, Sandrine (Sandy) was born in Inglewood, California. Raised by "Old School" French parents, she later moved to Tucson, AZ. It was there that writing became a hobby. Always told she had a great imagination, Sandy wrote short stories for her friends in High School. In college, she took more writing classes while working on her Criminal Justice degree, but it wasn't until a soap opera caught her eye that she got involved in male on male romances. On the advice of a friend, Sandy dipped her toes into the world of M/M Romance. Sandy takes the writing seriously and has had countless conversations with gay men as well as hours of research. She's been involved with the military in one way or another for over twenty years, and has a great deal of respect for our men in uniform. She's traveled the world, but has finally returned to Arizona.

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Justice For Skylar (The 12 Olympians, #1)Justice For Skylar by Sandrine Gasq-Dion
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok so I'm gonna start out by saying that while this can be read as a stand alone series I would definitely recommend read the Assassin/Shifter Series first (Yes all 20+ Books). It's a great series and will help you get to know the characters and the general storyline and if this book looks like your style those definitely will be too!

On to the book! Skylar is a child of a god, not that he knows that, all he knows is that he can manipulate water. He was kicked out of his house at 16 because he was gay and his life from there wasn't the best, until Caden and the others came in and started Camp Pride. From there everything has changed for him in just a matter of months, including finding someone he could find himself falling for.

Justice did everything he could to keep Jesse and Noah apart thinking it was for the best, now it's his turn and he'll find he has his own set of problems when it comes to a mate.

As they get to know each other and get closer they will have to protect each other and work together to protect everyone else from the rogues. Learning who and what you are is only the first step, finding others you can trust is just as important.

Skylar isn't one to take crap from anyone, after everything he's been through being free to be himself means he's not about to let someone boss him around.

Justice has always had to be the provider for his brothers because he was the oldest when his parents died. Being able to open up to someone isn't new, but it can be scary when it's your mate.

I loved seeing this start to the Olympians series seeing old characters and new and can't wait for more!

At Year's End (The 12 Olympians, #2)At Year's End by Sandrine Gasq-Dion
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We've all grown to love Elijah and his over the top attempts to get Jaxon's attentions for the last two year. Something else has been going on with him though and now we get to find out just what that is as he finally gets his story told.

Jaxon has wanted Elijah for 2 years but has been waiting for him to turn 18, now that he has though somethings now right and suddenly Elijah has a boyfriend!?!? Is he too late to get his guy or is there more going on than he knows?

Elijah has been beat down in spirit but he's always able to pick himself up. And I just lined him throughout.

Jaxon is a stubborn ass, he had his heart in the right place, but it might have cost him. He's an alpha sweetie though and I love him.

Their story has its share of ups and downs and you'll definitely need tissues on occasion. I loved seeing more of the storyline unfold throughout his one and seeing some shocking developments.

Lux Ex Tenebris (The 12 Olympians, #3)Lux Ex Tenebris by Sandrine Gasq-Dion
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Killian hasn't had the easiest life, most of it having been locked up and experimented on. Escaping was just the beginning for him now he has to learn how to live in a world when he knows so little and isn't sure who to trust, but finding he has feelings for a certain young man make everything more difficult especially when he seems to insult him at every turn.

Stone has always felt out of place, until Camp Pride that's when he finally found his place and real friends. Finding out he's a Demigod yeah that is weird, but life goes on right? Learning to use his powers is one thing, trying to figure out the sexy Killian who infuriates him now that's a different matter.

Killian is nothing if not brutally honest, he's innocent in many ways but in others he's been hardened by life. Learning how to be around people without insulting them at every turn is a process, so it's a good thing that there are plenty of people around willing to help him.

Stone is kind a gentle as the child of Apollo he's all about protecting life, hurting anyone isn't in his nature although that might just have to change because of the danger from the Titans and rogues.

We finally see all 12 children of the gods come together and learn who they are and we see what powers they've got. It makes for some very funny scenes on a certain island! ;)

Strange Addiction (The Twelve Olympians, #4)Strange Addiction by Sandrine Gasq-Dion
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brock is a man whore who has everything, of all the Olympians he's one of the few who got adopted by decent parents, tons of money, and the best of everything. But appearances can be deceiving, all those men he has been with only wanted the prize of bedding him and weren't looking for a relationship. His parents might have looked great when people were around, but when they were alone they ignored him and made him do everything for himself, and the money might have been nice but it never gave him the love he wanted and needed.

Zachs life wasn't pretty, he was captured and experimented on for years. It made his wolverine side more dominate which when he came back into the regular world makes him seem like a big a$$whole. When he is assigned to Brock his wolverine comes out full force and is determined to piss off and upset Brock at every turn.

When things in the war takes a bad turn and one of them is almost lost both are forced to confront their feeling and figure out if they could be just what the other needs.

This is a story I've been waiting for. These two guys are definitely ones I've wanted to see behind their masks and now you finally get to see them!

Brock is a lover with Aphrodite as a mother of course that's the way he is, but what you see in stories past was his arrogant facade while he was hitting on everything in the vicinity. Inside all he wants is closeness, love and comfort from someone and that's his true nature just waiting for someone to see and help come out.

Zach has always seemed like a giant douche because he just pops out whatever comes to his mind. I loved seeing the why behind it and learning why he is the way he is.

Another great addition to this series I enjoyed seeing even for to the storyline and its characters and seeing who might be getting their story next.

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