Friday, November 14, 2014

Healing Hearts  by D.J. Larkin

“My life was one of darkness, a mere silhouette in the night. Then Fate brought her to me and lit up my soul like a thousand suns. But in an instant her light was dimmed, perhaps forever...” 

An evil from Sapphira’s past returns, leaving her fighting for her life. Alexander agonizes over her fate just as their love begins to bloom in earnest. Regret and guilt tear at his heart, causing him to make a desperate decision. 

Can the two of them survive the deadly danger that ties their past, present and possibly future, together or will it be too much for them to overcome? 

Healing Hearts is the final story in the Vacant Hearts Trilogy.

4.5 Stars

Sapphira has come a long way from the shy closed off woman she was before Alexander, but now she fighting for her life after getting shot by her own father. She have to face old fears and new if she's ever to live her life the way she wants with the man she loves.

As the Prophet and the Senator continue to come after them Sapphira and Alexander will have to use everything at their disposal to prove they really are the bad guys the world needs to be aware of.

Sapphira has become strong and confident blossoming under Alexanders love and care. He's shown her happiness and love, and she's shown him a world outside of darkness.

With trouble constantly coming at them they have to trust in each other above everything else and the conclusion to their journey shows just how far they each have come.

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