Monday, November 24, 2014

My Soul Immortal by Jen Printy

My Soul Immortal, by Jen Printy
An endless love, for an endless price.

Jack’s immortality is exposed when he prevents a liquor store heist, forcing him to flee to protect his secret—a secret not even he understands. But when he meets Leah Winters—a mirror image of his decades-lost love, Lydia—his very soul is laid bare. He begins to question his sanity. Is she real, and if so, what does that mean for Jack and his secret?

Jack’s not the only mystery man in town. A stranger named Artagan hints at knowledge Jack is desperate to possess. But can he trust Artagan, or does the dark newcomer harbor deadly secrets of his own?

As Jack’s bond with Leah grows, so does the danger to her life. Jack must discover just how much he is willing to risk in order to save the woman he already lost once.

4 of 5 stars

Jack has spent the last 170 years roaming the Earth alone, unable to die but wanting nothing more so he can be at peace in Heaven with his long dead love Lydia. When a liquor store shooting causes Jack to uproot his life once again a throw of the dart lands him in Maine where the past is suddenly haunting him worse than ever before, or so it seems. What he finds is a doppelganger relation to his lost love, but Leah isn't just Lydia she's so much more and Jack's determined to do anything to have a life with her. After finally finding happiness he also begins to get answers to long standing questions about what he really is, but is Artagan someone he can trust?

You can see how lonely Jack is at the beginning and how when he finds happiness it transforms him completely. Jack is a sweetie willing to help others even though he is just slinking through life, and when he loves it's the type that he would go to the ends of the Earth to protect kind of love.

This is an interesting take on... well telling you that might ruin things a bit. But I will say I enjoyed the story line immensely and am looking forward to seeing more of these characters in the future.

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  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing My Soul Immortal! I really appreciate it!
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