Thursday, November 6, 2014

BitterSweet Sixteen and Twisted Sixteen by Lexi Witcher

Bittersweet Sixteen

A 300 year old curse... Bernadette's Curse Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. In the 1700s, Bernadette loved young Walter Doherty more than life itself, but when he chose another to be his bride, she vowed on his wedding day that the union would be cursed forever and that if a daughter was born unto them, the eldest would know her fate upon her sixteenth birthday and every generation afterward. 30 days to live... Dodie Jenks is your typical teenager until she learns of the three hundred year old curse that will claim her on her sixteenth birthday. She doesn't want to believe this is her fate, but what if it's true? Visiting a seer does no good. She's warned to not try to break the curse. Her family struggles to keep her alive, but none of them are prepared for what lies ahead. One Hot Warlock... Leopold. A powerful warlock seeking to regain acceptance by his coven agrees to help Dodie and her family try to break Bernadette's Curse. At eighteen he's a college graduate and a social outcast. He's awkward around others, but somehow he and Dodie connect on a personal level as he works to keep her alive. 

4 Stars
Dodie had her life turned upside down 30 days before her 16th birthday. When she found out her grandmother
was alive she also learned she would be the next target of a 300 year old curse unless something changed and it
was broken before she dies. When a Young warlock comes into the picture to help she falls head over heals for
him and while he's there trying to save her Leoplod falls for her too.
With an evil force doing everything it can to claim her life will they find a way to break the curse before it's too
Dodie is young and trying to find herself. With an older brother and friends who's personalities overpower her
she hasn't gotten that chance yet. When she finds out about her family's curse she also begins to find out who she
and throughout the story we see her come out of her shell. I loved seeing how she went from shy and
reserved to outgoing and not allowing anyone to tell her what she can and can't do.
Leopold is a bit odd at the beginning, but as times goes on you see his personality come out and find out why he
is the way he is. I enjoyed watching as Dodie helped him find his inner kid and how he become more
comfortable in his own skin as the got to know each other.

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Twisted sixteen

A 300 year old curse …

Bernadette’s Curse
In the 1700s, Bernadette loved young Walter Doherty more than life itself, but when he chose another to be his bride, she vowed on his wedding day that the union would be cursed forever and that the eldest daughter in every generation then and forever afterward would die on her sixteenth birthday.

20 days until Winter Solstice…
To keep Dodie Jenks from perishing on her sixteenth birthday, Leopold, a warlock, puts her into a comatose state as soon as she blows out her birthday candles. His spell is more powerful than he realizes, and it keeps Dodie in a coma much longer than anticipated. Dodie and Leopold try to find a way to reconnect her spirit form to her physical body before the Winter Solstice or risk her losing her life forever.

One Angry Witch…
Determined to see Bernadette’s Curse fulfilled, Anson Parker, Bernadette’s direct descendant, torments and rages against Dodie, trying to claim her life. But he cannot break through the realm and claim her. Fed up with his torture, Dodie fights Anson while both are in the spirit form, unraveling a chain of events that no one was prepared for.

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4 Stars
They broke the curse!!!! Right? Well something happened because Dodie didn't die, but she's now in some sort
of a coma. They figured out who the descendant was and thought they'd gotten past their attempts to kill her, but
the threats keep on coming even while she's in the spirit plane. And once she back awake even stranger things
begin to happen.
Poor Dodie can't seem to get a break and with everything that is going on discerning what it real and what's in
her head is becoming a problem. As we dive deeper into her world and her problems we see everything isn't as
easily fixed by her living beyond her birthday.
She's come into her own over her time with her grandma and it's changed her more than she realizes, it's made
her see who her friends and and just how important her family is. I've enjoyed seeing more of Dodie's world and
am excited for the next book to see what happens next!

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