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Carmen's New York Romance Trilogy by Nikki Sex

Carmen's New York Romance Trilogy (Carmen's New York, #1-3)
Carmen's New York Romance Trilogy by Nikki Sex
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Carmen's New York Climax
Kurt is in a rut after accusations and a lawsuit from his ex. He's become grumpy and his friends have decided enough is enough and hired him a high class prostitute. One that can please his preferances as a Dom. She's supposed to come in as a maid for a the start of the scene.

Carmen can't deny the intense and immediate attraction to the god-like Thor who commands her surrender. As a sub she thought that with what happened in her past had ruined her, but with Thor she lets go like she never thought was possible before. She decides to leave her past a the door and take everything this man has to offer.

As their passion explodes the two realize there's something special there, but when a realization is made and Carmen runs can Kurt find her and make things right?

Carmen's New York Escape
Carmen wants to call Kurt but her painful past is one she know will make him see her differently. In this one we see what she went through and how she dealt with horrible circumstances.

Kurt can't get her out of his mind no mater how hard he tries and no matter what he finds out about her past. As he tries his hardest to find her DEA agents come to him in an effort to find her, he has to decide weather or not to help them and if they are planning to help out hurt Carmen.

Carmen's New York Love
Kurt will do anything to help the woman he's come to love even in such a short amount of time. Between the DEA's investigation and Kurt's determination to do whatever it takes to help her can they find a way to be together.

Carmen is finally coming to terms with what happened to her with help from Kurt. Now between him and a certain French man she'll overcome her past and move on to her future.

Carmen is strong and resilient she went through so much grief and she's managed to come out on top of it. I loved how she was able to come to terms with what happened and she accepts happiness when she finds it. Kurt is a alpha male with a heart of gold. He's is accepting of Carmen and understands that what happened to her was not her fault and he helps her to see that. I loved his character and the way he knew Carmen was his one and did everything to find and help her.

This series dealt with some difficult topics such as kidnapping and a forced Master/slave relationship and what Carmen did to survive the situation. This one deals more with the mentality of D/s and Master/slave relationships than the physical aspects. Although the physical throughout the story was steamy off the charts HOT. The chemistry between the two was sizzling and not just while having sex but also the light hearted aspects between them. The story was intense at times but everything between them was meant to help them grow stronger together and apart. Definitely enjoyed this series in every aspect.

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