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Two for One by Ann B. Harrison

Two for One by Ann B. Harrison


Nothing is going Lizzie’s way. Her sex life is unsatisfying, her job sucks and she has more debt than she needs thanks to her loser brother. Against her better judgment, she lets her best friend sign her up to be auctioned off at a high-rolling venue called the Club. Agreeing to a weekend of adventurous sex with a stranger is one thing, but being bought by the brothers who own the Club means Lizzie is up for a weekend beyond her wildest fantasies.  Ryan and Lizzie hit it off, in bed and out, but it’s his quiet brother, Trace, that has her heart pounding and her panties in a twist. But is Lizzie what Trace needs? Having been burned before, will he take a chance on what his heart is telling him or trust his instincts and send her home after their weekend is over?

Our 4 Star Review

Lizzie is in a rut in all aspects of her life, sex with her boyfriend sucks, she has a dead end job, and more bills than she can pay. Finally allowing her friend to talk her into something totally crazy, she's ready to take control of her life. Or is she? Can Lizzie really go through with selling herself of in an auction and what happens when the 48 hours are up?

Trace doesn't what to put himself out there again after the way he was spurned so badly before, but something about the curvy beauty has him second guessing himself. And the way she acts more comfortable with his brother definitely has him on the defensive.

Ryan is a fighter and a weekend with this responsive woman is just what he needs. What he sees between Lizzie and Trace though has him rethinking his plans though.

Between this sizzling chemistry in and out of the bed can these three find a way past their 48 hours or will their lives afterwards get in the way?

Lizzie lacks self confidence but through the story you see her come out of her shell and be who she really is and happy with it. Ryan is outgoing and fun and sees things the others don't even realize. Trace is quiet and a bit mysterious, but you get to see how he is through glimpses.

The story is a novelette in length and while I wish at times there were more details I'm sure we'll see more of a three of the as this series continues.

After moving to the lush green Hunter Valley, Ann has the perfect surrounding to let her imagination to run wild. She alternates her time between writing sexy rural and erotic romances.

Men in kilts bring Ann to her knees and she can’t wait to visit Scotland where she can get her fill of the tartan clad hotties for, um research purposes, of course.

In the meantime, her DH puts up with her talking to her characters and getting lost in worlds only she can imagine as she battles to bring stories to the page for everyone to enjoy.

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