Sunday, March 30, 2014

Coming Home by KC Wunderlich

Coming Home
by KC Wunderlich
When Joelyn first learned of her daddy's failing health, she wasn't sure she wanted to visit him. Her small town home held too many painful memories. 
In order to rebuild a broken relationship with her sister and find closure with her past, she returns and suddenly finds her world being turned upside down. Secrets and scars she wanted to take to her grave are revealed and the man she never wanted to see again is slowly, but undoubtedly, tearing down her walls.
**4 Stars**
For Joelyn returning home meant facing all her demons. Being face to face with everything and everyone that tore her down.
But home also held Wynn her sister and she wanted nothing more than to make amends and become closer to the only family she claimed.
Their parents were horrible drunks, Abusive and angry. Joelyn spent her younger years taking on most of the aggression that poured from them because that meant Wynn got it less.
Bo was home to and he was the one guy that she connected with but he left her once before so she could not allow herself to get close, not again
This book held my interest. The only thing I wished for was more of Bo and Joelyn. I wanted more of her happiness and more of their future.
I loved how Joelyn grew in this story. How eventually over time she healed and moved on.
I recommend this book to anyone it flowed well and the characters were solid and secure.

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