Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First, Last, Only... by James Craigmiles

First, Last, Only...

Chase is an aspiring actor living in Hollywood. Jennifer is an almond-eyed beauty from a wealthy family. When the two are introduced, they quickly realize that there is a lot more electricity between them than can be found on the Sunset Strip.

When someone from Jennifer’s past threatens to steal their future away, the two must wrestle with decisions that they make. Decisions that will determine not only the rest of their lives, but ultimately that will test their love for one another.

In this narrative by Chase, he tells of the events that have landed him in a lonely hospital room in California. Events that have made him face his greatest fears, while at the same time following his biggest dreams.
Our 4 Star Review

This isn't just a romance novel it's a journey. Chase's Journey. From the time he is in Hollywood looking to start his life long dream of becoming an actor at age 20 you are there seeing his life. In the prologue you are many years in the future with him while he is in the hospital with a dying woman. Throughout the story you see his struggles and his triumphs including in his love life, but also in his life in general. You travel him him through living in three states and are with him during thousands of miles of travel not just the physical roads he travels but his path in life.

Chase is a strong character with values most people only have in part, but his character is so strong you are there happy when he is happy sad when he is sad and understand his journey at the same time he is. If you think you understand what's going to happen you are wrong you travel this story right there with him and just as he doesn't know how things will turn out neither will you.

Love is a deciding factor in many things along his way and you see how it affects him and his journey, you see how it lifts him up and pulls him down.

The people who surround him bring extra life into the story and you see the depth to which Chase affects those around him. With Jennifer I have to say I saw what Chase did in her but I also saw her dragging him down and at times tear him apart. Their time together affects Chase deeply and shows him how to become the man he did. You see so many things throughout this story but it's most of all it's a great read about a guy named Chase. Who he is and where he's going and who he meets along the way.

        James Craigmiles was born in Portsmouth, Virginia on a naval base.  He moved to Missouri with his family at an early age, finally settling in the small town of Belle.  It was in that small Missouri town that he learned what being a Midwest Man was all about.  It was also in Belle where he found his calling as an artist.  Through acting and writing, Craigmiles has found an outlet to tell his stories to the world.  From age four to age 24 James excelled on stage, doing any part that he could get his hands on (and learning the hard way that he was not meant for musical his voice could crack glass.)  At 24 James moved his passion from stage over to film and television where he has been working ever since.
        With roles in film, television, and commercials he is steadily building his resume and looks forward to the day when he will be the leading man.  At the same time he has realized that acting jobs aren't there every day.  So he put his pen to paper and has found a love of writing.  This work is his first full length novel and he is busy working on his next ones.  He also wrote his first film, "Right Side / Blind Side" which stars himself and has a special appearance by his friend Leslie Jordan.

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