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Vacant Hearts by D.J. Larkin

Vacant Hearts
Vacant Hearts by D.J. Larkin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sapphira has gotten her life figured out just yet she's still working at a bookstore 7 years later that's now closing down. Her best and only friend has just gotten a job in Pittsburgh meaning she has to move from San Diego and with no other options Sapphira moves with her. But before their final move they go on a vacation to Mexico, she's never been anywhere before but Sapphira is determined to enjoy herself. When she falls (literally) for a man there it doesn't seem like her fairytale fantasy will ever be possible because she too shy to talk to him. But sometimes fate steps in and gives you a chance. Alexander has demons from his past but he's everything she ever wanted, if only she can get past her shyness and his reservations.

Sapphira is naive and not very confident, somehow she manages to come out of her shell a bit and take a chance of course it's with some helpful prodding from her best friend. Throughout you see her trying to come out of her shell and take chances even coming up with a crazy idea. Alexander is a complicated man he's confident in so many things and then you step on a land mine and he closes up. He still mourns the loss of his wife and parents and can't seem to come past it. So many times I just wanted to strangle him into opening up and letting Sapphira in.

There's so many things I enjoyed about this novel and I can't wait to see more of the these characters and their story

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A little about the Author-
Name:  DJ Larkin
Occupation:  IT Systems Admin
Married with two children
I think the one thing that people are finding interesting about me is that I'm a male, writing a romance novel from the woman's perspective.  I tried to really get into the main character's head when I wrote this.  Whether I was successful or not will be up to the reader.  Vacant Hearts is my debut novel. 
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