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The Agreement (An Indecent Proposal)

Title: The Agreement (An Indecent Proposal)
Authors: J.C. Reed & Jackie Steele
Release Date: December 15th, 2015
Genre: Mature New Adult/Adult Contemporary Romance

Predictable. Boring. Safe.
That’s what life is supposed to be like. As the rightful heir to Waterfront Shore, I would gladly refuse my inheritance. I don’t want the money. I sure don’t want to have anything to do with its dark past. Except for the letters of my deceased mother, I would be willing to cut losses and move on and give up my rich lifestyle. But my stepfather expects me to marry. And then there is my new fiancĂ©.
My hot, fake fiancé.

Tall, handsome, mysterious.
That’s how Chase Wright is.
Unfortunately, he is not mine.
Unfortunately, too, the day I hired him, I signed an agreement.

When an innocent plan lands us engaged, none of us are prepared for the consequences. No one warned us that we could fall in love. Maybe The Agreement wasn’t such a good idea.

I should stay away from him and forget about our one night together.
Except he doesn’t want to….
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Chase and Laurie are great together. I truly love their banter and how they continue to go back and forth. Chase continues to attempt to prove himself to Laurie as feelings develop on both sides. Laurie's fears are some that seem fitting, yet Chase will not give up. He was so patient and understanding. That was a BIG win fr his character, I honestly loved him. He was extremely confident and I believed that just made me enjoy it even more.
 I wish I had none that I should have read the previous book prior to this one, but I did not see that indication. So that being said I still found myself falling fr these two. This was an enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more about them.

J.C. Reed- visit her website
Jackie Steele- visit her website


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